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Oh, these talkers!

Female friendship sometimes defies the logic of men.Joint sittings, chatter on the phone, a permanent discussion of anything and everything.Is it so bad that talk "about anything?"

Scientists have repeatedly investigated male and female logic, trying to somehow explain the response to a particular situation the representatives of different sexes.But the findings are very interesting, especially given the fact that much of the scientists - are men.One of the main conclusions (which I would like to mention) for the fact that women need to talk more.

Imagine the situation: a woman got married, stopped communicating with friends, closed the circle of interests only on the husband.After some time, a husband gets tired of the constant dialogue with the wife or husband will not know where to put their energy and begin to feel unwell at home.In the future, it threatens the collapse of the family, or co-existence with constant explanation of the relationship, and the nagging dissatisfaction.

What is the advantage of chatter with friends?If the girls tactfully demonstrate their awareness of some personal details, less assume the role of "Arbiter", the same-sex intercourse has many positive aspects:

  • wife has the opportunity to talk to elementary.When the limit is exhausted express my woman home her husband does not download unnecessary talk about "who dressed in what went where."Discussions may relate directly to their common interests, especially the highlights of the day.
  • There is a splash of emotions.Sometimes you want to complain about her husband and socks are not there throws, and picks his teeth with a fingernail, and something else.This love is not going away!Talk about it with a friend and after hearing that her faithful is no different (or slightly worse-better), it is with a clear conscience stops talking.Emotions come, the situation is not as bleak as at first glance.For the return of her husband from work waiting for him charming wife with an excellent mood.

Thus, husbands are not always aware that they are on to something offended.This is a series of "thought up - she was offended."But "she stopped to take offense" is very rare.This can help an experienced friend who says, "it is worse" and turn into a quiet channel thinking.

  • full support and understanding.The woman could not be better understand some of the excitement in the soul of another.This can include anxiety and waiting for the critical days, and worries about the position at work, and the spike in prices at the most popular groups of goods.As a rule, women like to go shopping just to "look" to the thing even buy "Maybe in the next life, I'll be ...»
  • exchange experiences.In describing their situation can be heard "in one of my familiar friend", and then - where it all led.It will not be a guide to action, because girls can sigh in parallel and immediately offer a dozen scenarios, obsmeyat almost all of them and to disperse peacefully.

Many husbands rather than just listen and clarify "what do you think to do?", Gives practical advice.Maybe that's correct, but not for women.She often important is the process of conversation.

  • man gives the right to the same communication.He could easily have a beer with friends, while his wife chats with friends.Because of this there is a sense of space that is necessary for each person.After these gatherings back in the cozy family "nest" is doubly enjoyable.But to create comfort and warmth in the family should be both partners and not one person.So if one is allowed to do something, and others too.

should be easy on the gossip with friends.But if these conversations lead to a quarrel in a family, there should be an open dialogue between the spouses.To jointly develop the strategy will help to avoid cracks in the relationship.

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