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Harmony of masculine and feminine

In today's world, namely in the society inhabiting this world very serious and important is the question of harmony in relationships between men and women.This can be seen, recalling the statistics of divorce: the vast majority of marriages end in divorce.And why?Discord in the relationship and false values ​​on which they occur.For example, a considerable number of marriages (and a good deal, as you know, the marriage will not name) is made for the residence, citizenship, or to achieve any other social and material bonuses.In these cases, to speak of Harmony does not make sense!But, fortunately, there are many associations, nevertheless, on the basis of something more than material, and here half a vested interest to their bands were strong and rosy and harmonious relations.After all, plenty of examples where people who have a strong sensual basis for their relationship, still diverge from the fact that they can not maintain harmony in the home, and just to each other, can not fully penetrate into the w

orld of each other, to merge the two worldsindividuals together.Everything else, examples (and they are many), in which the pair diverge because of unwashed dishes, or because of the scattered socks, unfortunately, have a place to be.

So how to achieve harmony and avoid absurd incidents?

First of all, you need a global view of male and female, to gain insight into each of them, to see and feel their natural purpose, because Harmony on our entire planet, and even in the entire universe is based on the unity and struggle of these two principles.Let us recall the well-known mark "Yin-Yang", which demonstrates the way the interaction of male and female halves together.Some see this as a sign of just struggle, forgetting about both the unity of the two great forces: the male and female Yin Yang.Two points in the symbol means that each of the two energies at the highest stage of its realization already contains the seed of its opposite, and it is ready to be transformed.

So what is it like to each of the halves of belonging, nevertheless, to a single whole?

Yang, or masculine, is the light of creation, moving up and down (vertically).In our solar system representative Yang is the sun.The challenge Yang manifestations: give energy to train.Properties activity and hardness.Yin, the female principle - is the power of darkness destruction is a movement in the plane (gorizonatl).Our planet Earth is a manifestation of Yin at the macro level, the closest to us the cosmic yin-object exerts a powerful influence on us - it's the moon.Yin task: to receive and study.Properties: softness and passivity.

All this absolutely does not mean that the man - is good, and the feminine - it is bad, far from it.After all, in nature simply does not exist duality of the "good-bad" or "good-evil".Each force has its function and purpose, and if these features are not implemented - there is chaos and disharmony.

To see this - will move the global "Yin-Yang" on the micro-level, "Women-Men."And what do we see?It turns out that the man is obliged to provide a woman with energy, educate and protect it by its hardness and activity.Thus, it fulfills its responsibilities for men.The woman, on the contrary, acts as a host energy to maintain it, and then provide it their children and give them life.Woman is trained and is under the patronage because of its softness and relative inactivity.To have fallen in doubt - do projection on the sexual act of intercourse: a man gives, enters, puts a seed, and a woman takes it into itself and stores, resulting in a new life there.Perhaps it would be the birth of the child, if a woman sang man's duties, and the man women?- Of course not!

and within the relationship harmony is possible only when a man takes the man's duties, and a woman respectively - women.That is very simple in its essence.However, in practice we often witness the reluctance to perform any of the halves, and sometimes both at once, and, of his duties, which leads to disharmony, which in turn leads to misunderstandings, quarrels, and as a result of the breakdown of relationships.

Very often we can see, when a man behaves in a relationship like a woman wanting to be trained and protected him, while the woman willingly gets into the position of the teacher.That is swapped with Yang Yin, and this is a precarious semblance of harmony, which could collapse at any time, and the most unpleasant way, as both a woman and a man will float function inherent nature, against this background, begin conflictsand involved in these conflicts are not even aware of their causes.

So what we have in the end?Man is obliged to supply energy and under the concept of "energy" and get wealth, his woman.In all of this and teach her to protect against harmful interference from the outside, as it is a potential mother for his children.In all cultures of the world, we see that the woman is always under the patronage and tutelage: before marriage under the tutelage of his father, then her husband, and in old age under the tutelage of his grown sons.That is, therefore, what we see now - is not nothing but a lack of culture.If a man does not fulfill these obligations, it is referred to as "Monkey" (He-No-Jan).

Dear women, remember, you do not have to become a teacher position and teach your man.In this case, he loses Natural field for its realization, and you, as a result, lose and him, unless of course it is not henpecked.But why do you need this, right?Your spell and the true power lies elsewhere.You can do everything so that the man thought that he came to this, at the time, as it pushed everything is you.Remember, you - this is his main support and maintenance, keep the inner world, while it protects you externally.In the ancient Vedic scriptures of a man and a woman are compared with rowers and boat.It was only able to bring a good paddler boat to the opposite shore, while without a boat rower and all, will sink.

Each half its purpose and a reason.Think about what would happen if the sun ceased to perform the duties of Jan manifestations?- Our solar system would cease to exist, it would have been destroyed by being introduced into disharmony.

So be the best boat for your favorite rowers, dear women.The only way you get a long-awaited full of harmony and balance.

Especially for LadySpecial - Jura

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