Bringing her husband to the household

wife comes home from work, it is at the stove and begins to prepare dinner.Under the feet of the child is confused, and her husband at that time in the room playing on the computer.Familiar situation?Do you want to fix it?Try some of the following tips.

to establish the new order may be required from a month to a year.It all depends on your willingness to change itself, the nature of your man.

new rules .

It should be something simple, yet unconditional.For example: "In our house bread sliced ​​a man!" And then it repeatedly reminded.Invited to the table shown on the bread, recalling her husband's problem.If a party can specify that this rule due to the fact that the man - earner in the family.And it should be divided but who deserved meal.It seems to be a small task, but the male self-esteem rises (it is called the breadwinner, also emphasize in all).After a time the husband himself will be happy to not only cut the bread, and pour food.

Appreciate what makes her husband .

matter how assured us that all of us - adults, in the soul of each of us is a child.It's nice to notice when your little achievements, even just a nice word.Do not be too sweeten "Wow, what you done!Straight could and made a bucket of garbage! ".Suffice it to say that you are glad to help: "I am very pleased that you took with a bucket of garbage.I'm uncomfortable with the child to make a detour to the garbage can. "

find its advantage .

Of course, there are men who never in his life did not fit to the plate.But there are very few, so they can be classified as rare representatives.If the husband once in your life something ready for you (even during stormy courtship old) and this "something" turned out to be edible, often recalls his culinary feats.There is a small trick: the weekend purchase of products on the dish and say, "Oh, I'm so bored of your pilaf!(Chicken, salad, pasta nautically) "If there is something special in the selection of products, then go with him to choose.This allows man to feel its importance, even homework.

This advice may relate not only to the kitchen.If the husband vacuuming every nook, unlike you, offer him poubirat at a time when cooking his favorite dish.Then the execution of your order will be associated with pleasure and reward at the end of work.

Learn to negotiate.

If you work together, you are supposed to get tired equally.So you can offer a win-win option: "I cook there, you - you wash the dishes."Or, "While I'm cooking there, you have time for games on the computer.But after dinner, I sit for an hour at the computer, and you take away the kitchen (in the room, take off the dried laundry from the balcony, play with the children). "Partnerships do not start with a common bed, and with the ability to address emerging problems.

Prepare a system of rewards .

It can be anything: an erotic massage before bedtime favorite dishes on the table, a bottle of beer in the fridge.But the reward must be given only after the fulfillment of your orders.The principle of "carrot and stick" should be more "carrot" than "whip".As punishment, you can say that they are tired after work, and if no one helps you, you will all live in the semis.And if the original boiled dumplings seem tasty, after the 5th time households will want to return the old delicious.

Drop the idea of ​​manipulating the love .

This is one of the most common mistakes women.If he did not budetzanyatiya love with you, you see, and you will not.Hence it may appear irritable because of dissatisfaction.And he - thought to have a mistress.It's really what you want to achieve?

And finally, remember that all of us - living people.We are different from animals in that we are able to talk, think and analyze what is happening around.To your man always find a special approach that will not only turn it into a true partner in life, but also a reliable assistant in domestic affairs.

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