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The ability to deceive - valuable qualities of character

How often parents tell their children: "A lie something wrong!".And while some do not prevaricate.Are the parents are a model of honesty and righteousness?As a rule, no!

Judge for yourself: the reasons for lying - weight.It can be anything:

  • unwillingness to upset the other person;
  • habit, without which it is difficult to live;
  • desire to avoid punishment or censure;
  • behavior of another person, signaling an unwillingness to know the truth.

And in each case it can be justified.But is it really so important to keep the truth of any situation?Oddly enough to realize it, but that lies rule the world.

I have one friend.It would seem - the dream of many women: does not drink, does not smoke, telling the truth.But somehow when there are gatherings with friends, few people talking to him.And all because they can drink, open up, give out their secrets.It is impossible to rely on.One of two things: either he would say nothing about the dual situation, if asked "head", or answer the truth, which is not a

ll need.And somehow the deadline will not truly guilty person, and the one who blurted out too much.

Where to go far: Have you ever with cheating?Let's say you do not and you do not, but some of his friends decided to change the "half" And here is quite delicate situation: to tell or let them understand?In truth, it was necessary to say "A-ya-yay!It is not good! "And report back to where it should.But if your favorite girlfriend changed her boyfriend, does it not support the girl?Even as support !!!And added "own fault!Not appreciated! "(Or something else in the same style," Do not ... ").The same thing happens on the part of men, if one changes, that's all right.And if he - what a bitch she is, etc., etc..

There are situations with a joyful ending.I had a one couple where the girl recklessly guys ignited.After the wedding, all the suitors gave "the gate turn" and became an exemplary wife.Yes Yes!With delicious pancakes on a plate, and the order in the apartment next to the kids.At the moment, more than 10 years married.But her husband was not aware of how incendiary was a bachelorette party that ex-boyfriend was a stripper in it ... Maybe he is now and would not care.Yet somehow little hard to believe that if she suddenly tell him the habits of the past, he would simply say, "Well, it's in the past" and calm will live with it on.Unfortunately, in practice very often it is: "How could you (can)!" It does not matter how long ago it was.

What can we say about the work: late, failed jobs, tense dialogue with customers.Is it really so important to tell the truth?"You know, our director has not found the time to consider your question, so we do not resolve your problem at the moment ..." Much nicer to hear: "We are doing everything possible so that your problem has been solved.Unfortunately, we can not give a definite answer ... »

Who is a sociable person?Only those who are able to communicate with virtually every interlocutor regardless of religion, political beliefs, and financial situation.That communicative people try to take a job in a bank, a store, a cafe.Those cute smile each client, bringing an additional income of the company.Think about it: it is those who can deceive, if necessary, and not those who always tells the truth.

So you should accept the fact that the ability to deceive the very nature of the asset.The ability to maneuver in the flow of truthfulness and deception makes people truly happy and unpredictable.Cheating - is that next to the mind, but not a lie.Art deceive is one of the duties of his wife of 64 ancient scriptures.To deceive or not - it's up to you!

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