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Guys Do not Dance - everybody knows.Another thing: drink beer, watch football!You can still crumble computer horned monsters ... There are, of course, a man who as a child my parents gave a dance school.Now they - smart, gallant and artistic.And it can easily turn the head of any girl.

But, unfortunately, the majority of the average dance experience as a young man begins and ends with dances in kindergarten.Sometimes the guys agree to "ballads" in the school, some - even at the university.

same man feels when one day his girlfriend, slapping innocent eyes, said: "I want to dance!Let's learn together ?! »

Here also shown real courage!It is necessary to overcome the stereotypes, to overcome the embarrassment and awkwardness, go to the ballroom, where you (with the lights) will be watching a lot of eyes.Just beautiful dance can not.At the same time still keep saying, "keep your back, lead partner, watch your hands!" To conduct?How to keep?And most importantly, these trips to the danc

e hobby class, turn the usual schedule.It's for a few nights a week is necessary to forget about the aforementioned beer and friends.

From experience:

addition to the above inconvenience, a joint visit to the dance has solid advantages:

  1. girl who is dancing nearby - a favorite.With her dance is easier, more comfortable and safer.However, even passionately work.
  2. If you prefer, you can spend at home rehearsing together (at any time of the day or night).

After a couple of months of joint dance, we have got a wedding to friends.We danced so confident, and most importantly - having fun.Notice all of us!In general, took the Audience Award!

Looking woman

foolish to engage in ballroom and Latin American dance alone, if there is a beloved man!The exception is the eastern direction of dance, where the man is usually the admiration and conquered the audience ...

All kinds of dance shows and the push to join the dance school.

Moreover, dances have many advantages:

  1. beneficial effects on health.After all, the entire civilized world often do not have enough traffic.And the usual office and a sedentary lifestyle leads to many diseases.
  2. Improving physical fitness with the adjustment weight.
  3. Complete relaxation.It is impossible to dance with the problems of clogged heads!At this point, or dance, or business.Almost like a quick entry into the meditation.

But all of the above is only a theory.As you know, in any theory there are exceptions.There are men who will never, under any circumstances, will not even learn to dance with the girlfriend.They can not be influenced either by persuasion or threats, so do not waste your strength in vain.It is to love them for what they are!

From experience:

very nice to dance with her beloved husband.Even the fact that he put off all the things that would go with me to the ballroom was unrealistic enjoyable!Of course, we have not all turned out perfectly.But more interesting were home workout before going to bed!In addition, there was a common theme for discussion, is always a big boost of energy, some drive, pleasant emotions after class!

But there was one drawback that I was a little hurt.In our hobby-grade girls was three times more than men.Therefore, sometimes the coach asked me to give my partner to train with the other girls.Naturally, I did not like.But then I decided not to tell his categorical "no", because if I was in the place of these girls, I too would like to at least one for once learned to dance the dance with a partner.

We still remember a time when doing dance together, remember some movements and having fun dancing anywhere on vacation.

Especially for LadySpecial - Katerina

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