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Five years of marriage

grandparents once modestly celebrated their 50 years together.They collected a delicious table, sat a small company and talked.We remember the past, talking about the future.Many of their friends have even forgotten about this date.Relatives of the case-care realized it closer to the weekend, we began sending his congratulations, bully with gifts.

would think: 50 years!That's how many days lived together!Raise children and grandchildren have a great-grandchildren came to visit ... And all together.Sometimes swear so much that all fly around, but after some time again to drink tea and discuss where best to plant potatoes.They have a lot to learn.

this year celebrates 5 years of living together with her husband.Wow: as much as 5 years ago has died down a wedding.Guests raised their glasses together for us and wished so much that if it were not for the film - and not just remember.In just 5 years, and have two children, the car in the yard and plans for the future.We started out small.But all the time

"and in joy and in sorrow - to go along."

Of my friends, many porazvodilis.With one child in her arms is more difficult to build a new life ... And then my 5 years proved to be very long term.They are kind of like your rake at me - their secrets.Since we live - they are not the guy, and I - with my husband.But what prevents them to keep a man?Perhaps the inability to build relationships ...

My grandmother every summer when we visited her, shared her "secrets".Perhaps it was her other, but with a modern twist tips are not changed:

Learn to not only listen to her husband, but also to hear!

Men have their own psychology, women - their own.And not always individually is right.But the ability to listen to another point of view is priceless family life.

Talk about what is wrong.

If something is not satisfied with the behavior, do not save a grudge.The undercurrent begins to bite into the soul of a caustic solution.Better to say that day, that is not so.Calmly, without strain, but with a focus as we would like, and how it happened, why hurt.Men do not know how to read minds, sometimes they do not even know that their action could offend.Therefore pronunciation of his senses allow them to get to know his companion.

¬ędirty linen in public can not stand."

recall the meaning of the phrase: if something went wrong, and near a lot of "listeners", the showdown is better to postpone until the moment of solitude.Why everyone around know that the soul of someone boiling?Imagine something you did not accept a husband, complained to her mother (her friend, to someone).Then he talked, everything settled.Come and live as before.But a person close (mother, girlfriend) starts to drip on the brain, "He does not love you!Remember how you then that thing? ".And now the question in mind: maybe nothing really forgave him so quickly?So it is better to keep to yourself omissions.

Failed expectations - a problem expected.

Quite often we are waiting close by, they will do so-and-so.And they suddenly do not.Then it may be an insult ("I'm for you, and you ...").Who needs it?Is it strengthens relationships?First, remember the second point: you said out loud about their expectations?Secondly, even if told not to expect her husband to give up and do as you like (by the way, this applies not only her husband, but simply associates).You can hope that everything will be done, but do not expect this for granted.Then, in the moment when your words will ignore, comes a bitter disappointment.And when will perform the request - the soul is filled with sincere gratitude.The problem with many people is that they expect too much from others, but do not always do the wrong order.

Love one another.

Learn every day to find something that will please the person in close: "Mm-m, a delicious tea you did to me!" "Wow, you have repaired the valve, though not trained as a plumber," "I'm so glad you came home from work a little earlier!We can watch a movie together. "

Perhaps this is not all.There are different "tricks" that apply to a specific person.But I think everyone in the sleeve there is a trump card that will not only get their hands on the King, but to keep him happy for many years of living together.

Especially for LadySpecial - Katbula

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