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Why do people leave?

In the circle of my friends a lot of single women without children.Beautiful woman with a higher education, but not married.They agreed to tell me, why not have a relationship with someone you love.After analyzing their history, I found the main reasons for separation.

Parting - a decision that further cohabitation unreasonable, physical removal (patrol, termination of contacts) and the termination of relations.It does not always end the complete cessation of any relationship between people, the separation step can be to move the relationship to a new level. For too emotional people parting - it is a story, followed by deep feelings usually of a negative character.People usually begin to feel sadness, guilt, gratitude, love, and other intense emotions.One by one go, begins to be called an outcast, that existing cultural tradition is considered a big blow to the ego and self-esteem of man.However, positive outlook on life termination of some relations there is an opening of opportunities for the cr

eation of new ones.


No unpleasant, even when instances of fraud in small things.So, for example, you said that was with a friend at the gym, and you do not even appear there, because at that time were chatting over a cup of coffee in the cafe.And he, in turn, can just "cover" the gym, instead of honestly say having spent time with friends in the bar.False means that tomorrow one of the partners can go on a date with another / the other, and also, of course, conceal the fact.But lied once, always have to lie, and a lie, sooner or later comes to the surface.The relationship without trust and based on a lie for a long time never proceed.

Incompatibility characters

This incompatibility occurs when you do not want to and it is impossible to understand and accept your partner for who he is.Love - it's a wonderful feeling.But domestic quarrel may kill him.Therefore, to avoid this, you must learn 'language' of their partner.What he likes in food, movies, books, sports.As much as possible to ask questions, "Why is it like?" In addition, it is desirable to visit the training of tolerance.We must learn to listen and hear your favorite.

Excessive jealousy

When constantly checks and calls smsprevraschayutsya to folly, it can certainly lead to a parting.Of course, a little jealousy in a relationship does not hurt.But every time the roll scandals, at least, unwise.Most likely, this is because you or when - the betrayed and now everyone is trying to avoid a similar situation.Jealousy is another means that you have very deep inside suppressed sense of ownership and the masses have to be low self-esteem.If you will deal with it in himself, that is your favorite will be less jealous, check!

Attention Deficit

At first, very nice guys take care of the girls.Give flowers smiling little surprises.Topics of conversation come from nowhere.However, interesting not want to leave for a moment, and then everything changes: not to talk about or just do not want the flowers can only dream about, and he is watching TV or sitting at a computer, you're in the kitchen, and so every day.It becomes boring, monotonous, sexual attraction disappears.As a result of divorce.Cause won once, people have already come to terms with this, and believes that every day your love will no longer be possible (although it is!).This is another mistake ...

Lack of money

leave and when not enough money in the family.Begin causeless quarrels, nervousness, uprёki..Ty much you spend, you ... In the end, you insult each other and as a result of the separation.But if a woman instead of a man sawing - encourage him to say that she believes in it, create it in a good mood every day, believe me, he inspired and find a good job!

Cheating expectations

One reason for parting - cheating expectations.We are waiting for a miracle, drew in his fantasy tale - but it turned out ... just something else . Where does this story?Looking period - the period of the conquest of a kind: each trying to show their best side and to conceal the worst.And that is true, because if too lazy to show your other half is now run away - it turns a fairy tale, beautiful and has nothing to do with reality.The tale ends with the start of life together where stand "very earthly" questions about who will wash the dishes, will make a bucket, walk the dog.You religiously believe that it is his duty, and he - it is completely yours.

People change at different speeds

me thinking people.Each develops in his own way, and after a while, both men are not as they were in the beginning of a relationship.Now, to be together more, this "new" people need to constantly re-learn to understand each other.Usually, before departing one of the partners to change their views so that the other is out of his interests.For example, the case with some pairs in which one partner suddenly started earning more money, got into another situation, started meeting new friends and did not want or could not enter into the circle of interests of a loved one.And there are conservative people who are willing to stay at her invariable beliefs, even if they are not true.And if you love new things, how to beautifully and reliably not looked stability, sooner or later it will get bored and the interest will disappear.And predictable response and the response to each question you (or) make bored.

Relations between people can develop in different ways.It so happens that one goes on without stopping.And it is a prerequisite to the parting.But there is another option: one goes forward, but takes the hand of another.In prosperous and stable couples is exactly what happens.It is important that both of them always help each other develop.After all, relationships and should give both development, inspiration and joy or accelerate existing development.And if there is no development, then why do they need?What is their meaning?Pleasure?One only this one will not last long.

strong and serious relationship you!:)

Especially for LadySpecial - Nastya

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