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What is the sense of guilt

constant guilt - a very dangerous weapon for his own destruction.When we feel guilty, we begin to subconsciously want to be punished for their wrongdoing.Do not be surprised, this is true.Perhaps you think that a man in his right mind is unlikely to want to be punished.But the subconscious is a complicated thing, and because of it there are a lot of things.We still early childhood lay in the idea that if you're guilty of something, he must be punished.That's why when we feel guilty, then automatically want to be punished, thereby pulling the problem in its reality.That is why it is so important just to get rid of guilt.

Usually we feel guilty for any particular act that we have offended someone, done something wrong or committed an immoral act.It happens at the root of other wines, which is even worse destroy our lives - the blame for its own existence.This kind of guilt we may drive parents to mind, for example, the mother claims her daughter that it's because of her she did not arrange her pers

onal life, as she devoted her whole life education.And his daughter in every error karma feels his guilt and has in its fact of its existence, feels guilty about his mother.

To start you need to clearly understand that there are no good or bad deeds.They are always in itself neutral.This we have already in their head colorable behavior in good times and bad color.And in our world everything any actions.This means that dlyaVselennoy your fault does not exist, as long as you own it does not recognize.You can tell that this is simply an attempt to silence the voice of conscience for the bad affairs.This does not mean that you can now do whatever you please and not feel guilty for it.This means that we must stop constantly feel pangs of conscience, for any little thing that happened on the circumstances, or if you do not want specifically.

Even if you realize that you made a negative act and this was not a very good role in the life of another person, then who will be better if you voluntarily decide to bear the punishment and torment themselves pangs of conscience?What is done can not go back, I take it for granted, to draw certain conclusions and continue to live a normal life.If you face the truth, no one in this life owes nothing.And if you're doing something for your loved one or a friend, he does so voluntarily, simply because you want to.Well, if you do not want to, and you could not have someone to help or do something for the people - it makes no sense to suffer pangs of conscience.Each of us is a free person, and has the right to do what he wants and does not commit to what is not wanted.

Another good way to eliminate the feeling of guilt - it stop making excuses to others for all their actions and deeds , and that is very important to stop looking for an excuse to himself and to defend himself mentally.Just give themselves the right to take any actions, or to paint them any bad, nor good taste.Stop yourself whenever you notice that trying to find an excuse to anyone.Just tell yourself and others - yes, I did just so, because I wanted to do that, and it was my choice and my right to do so.You should not ever explain to anyone the reasons and motives of your actions, even if your actions are considered negative, and you have a lot of it is condemned.

Love yourself and be confident in their actions, and you do not have to wait for approval from others!

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