Relationship // He and she

How to attract the man of your dreams?

Every woman dreams of a big and bright love.Someone has already met her and someone else does not.And then speed up an appointment with your chosen one?Even if you are not familiar with, you can try to establish contact with him.This is described in the following ritual.

establish contact with your future other half

Choose your free time when you're alone.Concentrate in a relaxed atmosphere.And starts to send signals to the men of your dreams.Imagine how you go from the signals in the infinite space of the universe.If you prochuvstvuesh this, your future choice sure to catch your signals to the power of thought because there are no obstacles in the distance.When to establish contact with him, tell him about yourself, what is your appearance, what you're into, where there are.

You have to understand that the man with whom you communicate, is not abstract, it does not exist only in your mind.Such a person is already living somewhere, and perhaps waiting to meet you.Maybe he is not far from you, may

be you even know it, just never paid any attention to him.

Your man should appear in your mind is very bright, you can even describe it in his mind to the smallest details.Starting from the exterior, and ending with some habits.

Most often this ritual is carried out at night between two and four hours.Because at this time the information moves in space the most active and rapidly reach your chosen.Better tune in to help spark.If you can not perform the ritual at night, you can do this in the evening or early morning.We perform this magic way to a period of ten days.And then ... forget about the search darling, do not dwell on it, order in the universe you've made.Perhaps a meeting with your future bride will not happen immediately.Just continue to live their lives, the rest will take care of a higher power.

After a while, you meet someone who was looking for, and you will have this ready internally.If this is it, you'll feel a mutual attraction.Dating can be a surprise, so do not be afraid to get acquainted in the wrong places, such as on the street or in public transport, who knows, maybe so, you will meet your destiny.

Privorot picture

you want to return a loved one, or do you like a man, but you do not have relations.This will help you the next ritual.Especially well it works, if the object of your passion you feel for sympathy, but because of some circumstances does not dare to take the initiative.

Light a candle and concentrate on the feelings.Five minutes go on to look at a candle flame, it helps to tune in to the desired thought.Then put the photo next to a loved one and start to look at it.Not worth much to concentrate and strain just look lovingly at the image.

If you are well-established contact, it will soon feel like you and photograph the energy begins to flow.Keep looking at the photos.Soon you will see that things are starting to blur, a beloved person is in front of your eyes, and everything else is pushed aside.Very well, if so - between you was adjusted spiritual connection.

Then you can tell him whatever you want.For example, describe how you imagine your wedding, your meetings, what do you feel towards him.And it is necessary to describe all in the present tense, as if it is happening right now with you.

After some time, the contact begins to wane as soon as you feel it, completing the ritual.

can use another way.

Magic tube

This is a very strong ritual.You'll need a tube, a length of about 18-20 cm, a diameter of about 3 cm. It can be glued cardboard or heavy paper.

You can take a picture, but this ritual, it is not so important.Lie down on the couch and relax, think of something pleasant.Then take a tube and looking into it to provide, on the other side of his beloved.If you have a picture, you can attach it to the opposite end.

Magic tube, like wire transfers energy message to your chosen one.And thanks to its shape, the flows are not sprayed in the space, and follow the direction.From this effect is much increased.

Tell your loved one, all you feel for him.Also, you can say, "You attracted to me unknown force.You can not resist.You go, you run to me. "

After weakening power contact, completes the ritual.

If you do one of these rituals, it is your choice soon definitely feel attracted to you.And further developments is only a matter of time.But do not talk about this beloved ritual - the magic does not tolerate publicity.

Especially for LadySpecial - Natella