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How to re-man?

you are together and you love him very much, and do not represent a number of other men, but there are many points in it that you are very annoying.If he had to get rid of some features in his behavior, he would become just the perfect man for you.So is it possible to celebrate a man, and how to do it properly, so he may not guess what?Let's deal together.

Try not to go to the scandals and cries to

The more and more active you express to him at every detail of your dissatisfaction, the less you have a chance to be heard and understood.This is known as a protective mechanism, the same thing happens with the kids when we yell or scold them, they immediately make special things worse.Out of the situation is this: try to communicate clearly and gently make it clear that you do not like, for example, quietly tell me what you do not like it when he does not remove his belongings.On the other hand, emphasize the things that I like: the man made some little thing in the house, praise him for it, and say, wha

t are the golden hands.

Put yourself in his place

Try at least for a few minutes to feel like a man, perhaps it will be easier for you to understand their needs and desires.Normal male toy house - the TV remote, and its duty to engage in typical male household appliances and fixtures, so do not give advice on this matter and to go into his room in the house.It is better to think where is your area of ​​influence, what are your female chores?Or, for example, in the evening at your man has no power to communicate with you, or to make love, to highlight this morning.

not concentrate on his bad behavior

Psychologists believe that if a long time to ignore the boring habits of a person, then over time they will not evident or even come to naught.Your man always leaves you mess at home, throws the corners of their dirty socks or closes a tube of toothpaste?Continued with his household chores, leaving his belongings in a position in which he had left them, he soon he notices the disorder and hurry to fix it.In this case, start to praise him, and more, for what he has reformed.

Praise - a very effective method!

notice him any little thing to praise it heartily, not sneer, and stands out for his men's actions really.Even if a man has made some little thing would not leave it unattended.Man demonstrates his admiration and respect, and it will reward you twice every day to see your shining eyes.

Be trickier!

very simple and at the same time almost always work the way: to hint to him about the remuneration for work done.For example, you ask him to help you, and in return promised to arrange a hot night or cook him his favorite dish, your man can hardly resist such a proposal.

Do not ask all at once.

miracles and transformation happen only in fairy tales, but in real life people do not change in a couple of days.So begins the "correct" her man to the smallest detail.You will begin to demand too much at once - a man was taken aback by the amount of assets and liabilities will hasten to get away from.Do you want all at once?Then imagine that you also presented a bunch of requirements that they want to execute it immediately?

Do not take everything in your account!

For example, when the cat spoiled property in the house, do you think that he is doing it intentionally?It is unlikely that you will think so.So the man and his actions did not want to get you out of balance or spoil your mood.He just does as it sees fit.And when you're faced with this behavior, try not to take it as a tragedy, and remember the existence of the item № 1.

Do not try to figure out who is the chief because the chief is always a man

Give up the idea of ​​domination pair and do not be afraidyou become a machine, dependent on men.His desire is necessary to implement ambitious in his career, but not at home.House better be engaged in search of comfort and harmony, not dismantling, who is the boss in your couple.You can try to share in the family responsibilities and their areas of responsibility.

follows his mood and choose the right moment

Even the most stringent trainers will not work with animals, particularly when he was in a bad mood.But as often happens in a relationship we want to hold a debriefing, when the partner is clearly not set up for it.So it turns out that the scandals and misunderstandings.If you see that your man is tired after work, preoccupied, or if you feel unwell, do not be selfish and put away the showdown until better times, it is still correct the situation for the better is not succeed.

monitor the proper interpretation of the signals

Yes, of course you're not the trainer, and if properly understand the action lover, then you will not get the bites, but training never hurts.For example, do you know what night your man is always in the bathroom for a long time, and instead of being angry and knocked at the door catch when he's going to go, quickly and discreetly to Penetrate.And after that, you quickly do everything your need to do, then let it close there, how much time he needs.

also must take into account when re-education of the men are still some important points:

  • Do not go too far, the man has a right to their weaknesses and bad habits.And if you did not know, it does not mean that it's bad, just another male than female.
  • Dear men and its features, sometimes it so difficult to adjust to a loved one, unless it is a global issue?
  • remind myself that if he does something wrong, as you want, it does not mean that he does not love you or treats you badly.Do not make mountains out of molehills!

We hope that these tips will help you make of your favorite man of her dreams.But I want to add, it is necessary to re-educate a man, because we love a person, not only because of its advantages, but also its shortcomings.

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