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Tape hair extensions

Tape hair extensions becoming every day more and more popular and in demand.It was a real breakthrough in the art of hairdressing. Tape hair extension is particularly reliability and quality in comparison with other building techniques.

In Europe, the technology of instant capacity, and to which the tape capacity, has won such wide popularity that gradually displace all the others.And this is understandable, as any woman would like the relatively low cost and short time become the owner of the magnificent hair.

What tape hair extension?

When tape hair extension used only hairs that are subject to special high-quality processing.You can choose any desired hair color.Usually, the salon offers more than 30 colors.

What is a tape hair extension?

capacity tape technology is simple enough, the hair built up using tape .Through the use of special tape hair can be extended several times, removing and re-pasting the hair strands without damaging their own hair.The strands of hair that are used for building, strengthening thin inv

isible tape width 1 mm.Combining the two tapes to each other, the master attaches stackable strands of hair to natural hair.

7 merits of tape hair extensions

  1. When tape hair extension can be extended up to 50 cm by any length.
  2. can only increase the individual strands or in full all of the hair.
  3. tape hair extension procedure takes about 35 minutes .To make the correction and take increased locks, you need only about 40 minutes.
  4. When hair extensions in the double volume, need a little more time.Strands of hair are attached very firmly and hold for very long.
  5. also increased locks quite easily removed , but in order not to damage the hair, you should seek help from a master.To remove apply a special solution, which dissolves grease, fastening the hair.
  6. There are several technologies tape hair extensions , each of which has its own advantages.When a tape capacity each strand has an adhesive tape, which simply peel and apply to your hair.The main advantage - does not require any thermal or mechanical effect on the own hair.
  7. After completion of the hair extensions can not be distinguished from the natural.Hair perfectly fit the entire length, without causing any trouble and without damaging as own hair do not feel a strong impact.

How to make the correction in the tape hair extension?

Tape hair extensions - a great way to become the owner of chic hair.But after a few months, many of the strands become shorter natural hair, especially if you do a haircut.In order to re-hair look flawless, you need to carry out the correction.

Correction tape hair extension

Correction hair extensions helps to restore the original natural looking hair .Normally, it should be done through 3 months after the tape capacity .Timely treatment to the master for correction will help to avoid complications during the procedure and prevent possible damage when removing hair strands.

correction is recommended to have the same master as the tape itself buildup. essence of the correction is to transplant strands closer to the roots of his own hair. First on the junction of the spray is applied, which dissolves the glue that holds the lock.Spray affects over 5 min.Then the hair extensions are removed along with the tape.The strands are removed very quickly for 30 minutes.If the tapes are hair, do not worry, it's the hair that falls out every day by nature.To remove dead hair, spend combing then again applied to the hair ribbon.

Tape hair extension: reviews

In order to make a decision - to use tape hair extension or not, you should get acquainted with reviews of women who use this method.

  • Elon : «I tried a tape capacity after the capsule, the result exceeded all expectations.Nice, very comfortable and not harmful.I think this is the safest and a new way of hair extensions. "
  • Elena : «Among the advantages of tape hair extension can be noted that the hair gets voluminous, long and very beautiful.I just love it.The first 2 days a little discomfort felt when went to bed, feeling unaccustomed ribbon on his head.Now accustomed to and do not feel anything.Did the tape capacity accurately and, most importantly, fast. "
  • Elizabeth : «Among the advantages I can say straight away fast and beautiful, but very expensive.Technology capacity tape I liked.I believe that it is better to capsular because when removing not lost much of his hair. "
  • Irbis : «Band capacity - a completely new kind of hair extensions, which causes the least damage to your hair."
  • Olga : «I did not like the tape capacity, too many dropped out of their hair."

Tape Hair extension: reviews

Every woman at any age dream about long hair and chic, but not everyone can get their natural way.Unfortunately, not all women have a healthy and beautiful hair from birth. Tape capacity intended to help solve this problem and give a dream come true.

If you want to become the owner of a long and beautiful hair, tape capacity at the moment is the best choice in quality and speed of execution. Of course, the choice is up to you, therefore, not to be mistaken, it is necessary to weigh all the points and make a decision.But judging by the reviews left by the fair sex, have already benefited from innovation, tape hair extension is able to give your hair that length you want, without any problems.

Bole detail about the benefits and dangers of hair extensions you will learn by reading the article Hair: pros and cons.

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