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Braiding home

Pigtails - this is probably the most ancient kind of hairstyle that was very popular in the days of ancient Russia.Now pigtails are no less popular than before.The switches help give femininity and charming every girl and fit almost any style and image.

Now there are so many ways of braiding at home that they can satisfy the taste of even the most demanding fashionista and give an extraordinary view of the most common hairstyle.

What kinds of braids can braid at home?

  • The first type of braids that can easily braid at home - it classic braid. to braid it, you need to collect hair in a ponytail, divide it into three strands of the same size and in turn the right, the left cross with a lock located in the middle.Length braids depends on your personal desires.Spit can braid or leave before the end of the small tail of the flowing hair.

Classic Spit

  • House can braid and plait Swiss , weaving her way to the same as a classic, but at the same time each strand is necessary to tighten the harness.During the wea
    ving of their need to adhere to, so they will not unwind.

Swiss Spit

  • little more complicated, but no less beautiful and will look pigtail "spike» .In order to braid her hair zacheshite back, then separate the right and left of a thin strand.Then they crisscross with the left lock must be on.Do the same with the right side.Plait braid to the desired length, then secure it.When weaving the strands to do tight to spit it fell apart and looked beautiful.

pigtail "spike"

  • Kos French style is suitable for girls and not having long hair.Take on the top strand of medium thickness and divide it by 3. Make 3 weaving like a classic braid, then the right side of the loose hair, take a thin strand and attach it to the right strand of hair, throw over one that is in the middle.Left to do likewise.Braid braid is similar to the very end, adding strands of loose hair on each side.

Spit in the French style

  • French braid can braid and sides.It is enough to divide the hair into two equal parts and start to weave a French braid from each tail, adding to the strands of loose hair to the nape.After both braids are ready, you need to seal the hair and braid from then on classical or Swiss braid.Bottom resulting braid fix beautiful clip or rubber band.
  • House can create and crown of braids .To do this in front of the ears collect the strands and make them 2 pigtails.Secure each rubber band and then connect to the back of the head.Consolidating pigtails, select those clips that will hide their tails.It can be barrettes with flowers and beautiful figures.

crown of braids

Weave unusual braids at home

  • To make a braid of 4 strands of hair comb and collect at the back.Then divide by the same four strands.Remember that the extreme right is a lock at No. 1, the rest of the order.Take the rightmost strand and place it on the second.The fourth to the third, and the third - the first and second, and continuing in the same weave, braid, create the desired length.

Spit of the 4 strands

  • Another option would be unusual and braid "fishtail." for her braided hair and comb zacheshite ago.On the right and left temple, take the fine strands of hair, they cross over at the back.Place crossing hold your finger to the left and take one more strand, putting it on top.After that, take the right strand and also put on top.In the same way, continue to spin until you finish.Decorate with rhinestones braid hair or a nice big flower.

braid "fishtail"

  • can make a very original plait of 5 strands. zacheshite hair and divide by 5 strands of equal size.For convenience, mark their numbers.The first strand of the second place, the third - on the first, fifth - on the fourth, fifth on the first swipe.Strands well tighten and keep the same algorithm.

Spit of 5 strands

  • Unusually looks and inverted French braid. to braid her hair zacheshite back, divide it into 3 equal strands.First, a central strand swipe left, and then left the right strand.At the left strand, grab a little loose hair, and again carried out under central.Do the same with the right strand.The main difference of this method is that it does not carry out extreme strand over the center strand, and under it.

inverted French braid

How to braid pigtails for the holidays?

  • suitable for any holiday Spit, which changes direction. Weaving a braid is fairly simple.We need to take the right side of his temple to braid her hair and classic braid.Each weaving, adding the left side of the new locks.Weave braids ends at the left ear, and then changes direction braids, and new locks need to have to weave to the right.
  • good option for a holiday and will braid two braids .Hair should be divided from the forehead through the top parted.Braids weave of 3 pryadok with 2 sides and then spit connect pins.This braid is better to decorate with silver sequins or flowers.

Spit with two braids

  • braid braids can not only holders of long hair, and a girl with short hair. This will require invoice or braid a tail.To get a nice haircut, the hair on his head and zachёsyvayut attached invoice, or braid the tail using stealth.If you knock out some strands, use mousse or gel.Invoice scythe is a spiral screw and fasten bolts.For surface tail just pick a favorite kind of weave, and then fixed hairstyle.You can also seek advice from the article How to weave braids for short hair ?.

Pigtails all types and sizes remain at all times the most elegant and beautiful hairstyles.Choose your favorite kind of braid, it can easily braid at home.Braid in any form would be appropriate in a business setting, and festive.There are many more interesting things can be found in the article How to learn to weave braids beautiful ?.

If you want to always look charmingly, instead of the usual haircut today try to braid pigtail.

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