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Surprise birthday favorite

When approaching birthday of a loved one, we'd like to choose a gift that will differ originality and remembered it for a long time.Simply put, I want to surprise him.

first thing you have to do - forget about hackneyed versions of gifts, such as perfume, cosmetics and different sets of all sorts is not particularly relevant souvenirs.Such gifts you can please other people in their society. as favorite to choose something really worthwhile, individual and unique.

Pleasant trifles birthday beloved

If your assets have any talent, hurry to apply them to the present. Any little thing, the creation of which you had a hand, will be a pleasant and charming. For example, if you know how to paint beautiful, it is perfectly possible to paint a picture (of course, if you just artistic ability).If you do not consider yourself an artist, but simply a nice draw, buy a one-color paint utensils and ceramics.

With their help, you can create a unique and unique thing, just draw a trifling figure you have pu

rchased a cup or a plate.Believe me, it will be very original, because this is no longer anybody.

If you can sing well, try to write a few songs on the disc.The songs, of course, must either be on the theme of the birthday or the birthday boy about himself and his love for you.In addition, having some good vocal abilities, you can sing the original serenade your loved one .That this of you like no one would expect.

If your main talent considered literary ability, write a poem or a favorite story. need to write on the same principle as the select repertoire of songs.Better, of course, if you prepare in advance and will be able to combine several poems in the collection and print it.It will look like a finished work.On the first page, or directly on the cover of the type beloved desire and dedication.

Bright Surprise Birthday favorite

Many men do not admit that they, too, bring joy to the different balloons, caps, firecrackers, beautiful cakes and other attributes of "female" holidays.However, it is necessary to prepare a show for them, all their prejudices once dispersed.Mainly, this is because men are very fond attention to themselves .

particularly pleased to be loved, that his guests will see how he is dear to you.Therefore, if you want to please him, gather all his friends in any cafe or at home.The room is sure to garnish.Friends let him put on funny hats.In short, create enchanting holiday surprise.The course is a bit beaten up, but one hundred percent effective.Birthday boy get a lot of emotions.

Adventures birthday favorite

Give your loved adventure! Discover your imagination and think that can be arranged.Perhaps it will be hang-gliding, rafting down the hill inside a huge transparent ball or jump rope on the bridge.Then refer to the measure of your fantasy and folly and thrust to the extreme.If you are not very fond of such experiments, just take a trip to the place where your favorite wanted to visit.

Try to find out about this in advance.Take a trip to a travel agency and get some interesting tour, for example, on the weekend, which could bring a lot of experience as a birthday, and you.

lot of interesting ideas you'll find in the article than to please her lover ?.

Whatever you choose, remember that better than you do your loved nobody knows.Just a little effort and imagination and be able to bring your loved one for many, many joys, which, for sure, so lacking in everyday life.

Especially for - Marie Matveyuk

October 21, 2013 10:10
Not only women, but men like gifts, I have a birthday to realize the dream of many people.I have reviewed all that I would like to receive a gift of the beloved, for example, a knife, a collection of aphorisms, bag, t-shirt with print, watches and presented, pre-packed, each in a separate box with a beautiful bow.In the morning all these gifts planted would love to as a child, he was happy.
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