Relationship // He and she

Both men are going through separation?

after a breakup happens every hurt, without exception.Our thoughts and feelings are associated either with the sufferings of past events or by the loss of a man who had become the closest in the world, or we illogically begin to feel sorry for a man who was thrown.And very often, women are wondering, worry whether men after breaking up and how they these same experiences can be.

Methods for men to experience separation

Surely girls who happen to be friends of the young man is not seen as in parting with his beloved, he is of a strong and courageous knight or a super-hero turns into a mediocre namby-pamby.However, this most defenseless creature he becomes only with you.You're his girlfriend, you can complain to the vest.But at the sight of other, less loved his friends, trying to be impenetrable as a rock.Here in this lies their problem. Because of his natural reticence men are more prone to stress than women.

Women, unlike men, generally, all trying to express their feelings, such as girlfrie

nds.In the course of the story and hearing tips woman can take any decision.Perhaps she even appears a clear action plan to update their life.But the stronger sex more often, use less reassuring and life-affirming practices.

This usually alcohol, broken fists in the gym or riding in a car at a breakneck pace.All this stimulates the production of adrenaline and did not contribute to the attainment of peace and balance.Moreover, it is unknown how it all might end.Many, for example, began to abuse alcohol, can not stop.The implications of this more than clear.A person can easily become an alcoholic, losing a job, the ability to have a normal family and generally lead a healthy life is above average.Of course, women sometimes face is also, however, among the fair sex like that happens much less frequently.

complex macho after breaking

do not want to discredit the ideals of some women, but the men, who are usually called "macho", such unapproachable, proud and passionate, most of the people left favorite girl.Leading racket, start a relationship with a large number of women, they only stifle the pain that gaping black hole in their soul.

Many women tend to think that men suffer the loss of his passion quietly.This can happen, but under one condition: if the young man did not love this girl.If the feelings were, the man most likely going through the end of the relationship as well as a woman. delusion to think that men do not know how to love .Do you really think that they are able to decide for others what they can do?The fact that their feelings are different in the way of their demonstration of women, does not mean that these feelings do not.

stay or leave ... ever

Many men are very attached to their women.They are so close to them that finally break off relations men do not want.Therefore, they often tend to become friends for their ex-girlfriends.Do not you think that this suggests they have a feeling more than fake tears and words?

course, many of the stronger sex, and after breaking up do not even want to see his once-beloved.If this happens, it means that the man has been applied very deep trauma.In any case, the man - the same people, as well as women.Therefore, men tend suffering, however (according to psychologists), they have a much greater negative impact than on women .

Before parting with the man consider whether the right decision you take.No need to act rashly, thinking that he still did not feel.Feel!And how!Just be silent about this.

However, if you are with a person really is not comfortable, it is not necessary to torture yourself.All the same, it eventually happens.Whatever you decide about your relationship with people, remember that should respect not only their own but also other people's feelings.

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