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Plan seating guests at a wedding

As planned such a big event like a wedding, some nervous tic begins.And it does not matter what you need to get married and live with a man all his life, so that in front of a whole bunch of preparations.And they can not see the end, and edges!You can reassure yourself only one sentence: "It took everything and I'll go."Well, if all of you will carry out the preparation of employees or the parents, even better.But if you do decide to "complete package", then you should be prepared for serious work.The most difficult thing - it offers accommodation for your holiday life. How to put all the relatives so that they feel well and satisfied ?

We select a room for a wedding banquet

To get started is to decide how many people will choose and appropriate space.Do not spare money for the lease of a large room.Your guests should not be crowded.This is not the case when "in close quarters, but not mad."When you invite guests, we must provide them with all facilities for comfortable stay.Not to mention that the

wedding room should have, in addition to the seats, space for dancing, games and competitions.It is also a place for a DJ or band does not hurt.

Terms seating and young guests

bride and groom must sit course nearby.And the groom left his wife, took the witness on the right and the right of the groom - a witness.Parents seated on the seats of honor, either next to the witness or the center of the table.Some couples and parents did assign a separate table.

Not everyone knows, but the landing visitors must pass through a real rules.

  1. older guest, the closer it is to sit to the young.
  2. guests - colleagues, friends and couples it is better not to put side by side, that they do not form a "handful."In order to cope with this task, you must be nice to know the guests that you invite.It is necessary to alternate fun and provocatively with romantic and silent.Then it will be interesting.

plan seating guests at the wedding, depending on the type of tables

seating schemes are different.But the main principle is common to all - young need to see each and everyone present must be good to see the bride and groom .From this, and it is a start.

  1. If you have chosen for your wedding modest size and small number of guests, then you can do the usual table.Honeymooners in this case, you should sit in the middle.
  2. Table T-shaped or L-shaped intended for fairly large company.
  3. U - shaped table - one of the most common schemes for seating guests.And not without reason, because it is the most convenient way, in terms of composition.Everyone can see everyone.
  4. even more guests can be set for a III- shaped table.
  5. There are of "foreign" ways of allocating people at weddings.For example, the location in English.We see this in every Hollywood movie about a wedding and not only.The bride and groom are in the center, and the guests and parents - at tables in small groups.Not far gone, and the Italians.They put on a pedestal young to a new family as it towered above the guests.And the guests themselves sit at small tables, but a semi-circle in front of the young.

Whatever you put your guests, you can be sure that they feel comfortable, they have enough space and they feel good.In the rush, you can forget about this rule, however, it plays a very important role.Yes, this wedding you arrange for yourself, but visitors can not hurt.Do not pay attention to them - it means disrespect, and this - is unacceptable.

Landing cards at the wedding

Landing cards - a nice cheat sheet that will protect your guests from the bustle and confusion.These attributes - not a trifle, they significantly reduce the risk that the guests start to panic.

Boarding cards can do with their hands, without attracting specialists.Each card is written the name and surname of the guest.How to decorate these cards - decide.You can bring this lesson young children, nephews, brothers and sisters.They have a lesson for the soul, and you will be helpers.Guests certainly very be delighted to learn that it is "an invitation to the table," the kids do, it's touching.

Boarding cards can approach the bride's dress or the total entourage.You only seemingly making a card may seem a heavy burden.In fact - this is a very exciting experience, also very useful.Who knows what will happen at a time when guests will be looking for his name: it is possible to happen a lot of good acquaintances, and then you will give thanks for the "correct" seating arrangement!

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