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Meeting of young bread and salt

in our lives are not so many large-scale public events and, as such, like a wedding - generally limited.And it is quite reasonable to want to make this event and all of its phases have been at the highest level.Wedding - a separate step, some emotion, some obligations.Today, fewer and fewer couples want to get married traditionally, all the rituals are in the past, to change their wedding come another kind.You can get married under water and in the air, light green or black bikes Zaporozhye and Roma on the roof.The main thing - the idea.If the young couple did not want to do ekstetsentrichnuyu show the wedding, there is one option - to turn to the traditions.

Today we talk about one important and rather traditional procedure, which is referred to as a "meeting of young bread and salt."Regardless of which format to choose a wedding couple, the parents and relatives are always invited to the celebration.And that the parents meet a couple at home with a loaf.Increasingly porch native abode pleased replace

striking arches various cafes and restaurants.But one thing remains neizmennym- bread and salt serves young parents.

How to meet young bread and salt?

for the whole procedure will need:

  • caravan, which today can be yourself and do not cook.You can order a wedding cake at any bakery or cafe.
  • Castor with salt
  • embroidered towel, which will be served up bread young.These towels can be easily found in the department of "All for the wedding."
  • glasses or wine glasses (depending on what is consumed) and alcohol.

Manipulation parents, the bride and groom during a meeting with bread and salt:

  1. Young obliged to bow to their parents and listen to what they have prepared for
  2. Parents need a greeting-farewell speech.It should be a beautiful blend parting words of congratulations and family life.As a rule, all the preparations remain on the parents, including a greeting.And here the better the bride and groom a little creative control parents.Firstly, there should not be too prolonged and too exciting speeches, icons and hand-wringing.Greeting the children as a family, of course, the action exciting, but only prevent unnecessary drama.If parents razvolnuyutsya not immediately be able to find better to have in your pocket piece.Such "parental treatment" in prose and verse can be found on the Internet and a variety of greeting brochures, which are sold at any newsstand.
  3. Then the couple should break off a piece of bread, salt it and feed each other.Here you can still add and feeding each other honey - so sometimes doing here honey symbolizes the sweet and pleasant married life.
  4. After "eating" young and old drink a glass of champagne.You can not drink up and pour over the shoulder - the same tradition.
  5. Some beat their glasses for good luck, but this is not mandatory.
  6. After all the groom brings his bride in his arms in the house (restaurant).

commencement address parents

Yet will take care of the correct introductory-parent parting speech in advance.Therefore, the following quote specifically for parents who know in advance that will be very excited.Small crib never hurts.

If you, dear parents dare to speak in verse, then we wish you good luck.The most important - choose short poems, to not to forget anything during the ceremony.It is best if they are simple in terms of vocabulary and are easy to remember.

Perhaps these small poetic farewell help you to prepare a speech.They can always add to or reduce, or write specifically for a particular couple to add their names or specify the characteristics of the nature of the newlyweds.You can speak on behalf of all and "role-based", as in the school.It all depends on how the composition of all it will look like their parents.

we want to congratulate you with the combination.
Now you became husband and wife.
make considerable efforts.But
and a feast, as they say, the mountain.
always live peacefully and in harmony.
Do not be offended at each other often.
not to lose the happiness in vain,
After all, your life is just only in your power.

Mother of the Bride :
me to you, my dear in-law,
his daughter had to give.
you do not hurt her
And throughout it helps!
You are now one family,
and quiet I will,
If my daughter
you will find your own house!
Let you be together sweet,
and smooth the road of life!

mother of the groom:
into your house, I daughter,
paired with expensive little boy.
Peace be with you, and love - advice,
May God keep you from harm,
Children will reward you,
I'm happy to babysit grandchildren.
Happiness son - happy mom,
I am happy to be with you.

can be used and prose. This will facilitate you a lot, because when an error is always possible to pick "their" right words rather than frantically to remember lines of poetry.

  • Dear children!Congratulations on taking a legal marriage.We wish you happiness, health, long years of married life.You are welcome in our house - your house.Enjoy our bread and salt, and we'll see who the boss is.
  • Dear kids!Congratulations, you are now - the family.And now we have to check who is the owner of the house.Do not hesitate to break hlebushek and feed each other.Let not only your ears will get pleasure.It is not some congratulations fed you.Help yourself and treat others.
  • My dear children, you tried a piece of the loaf.We want in your hearts survived the heat that has kept this for you loaf .Suppose your house is always full of guests, and each will get a small piece of treats.Let the distribution of your first loaf will be the beginning of your hospitality.

There is another option for the shy and undulating parents - a toastmaster.Some wedding ceremonies was toastmaster can save parents at the crucial moment.Therefore, we can not particularly worry about such assistant beat confusion and help you get out of an uncomfortable situation.As if the young are not met, the holiday still succeed, and this - the most important thing!

Especially for - Anna

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