Relationship // He and she

Alyona and Alexei

Their love story began with the friendship and support.Now these two feelings are still very important in their relationship.Together they overcome the difficulties that brings them the fate rarely quarrel and try to come around to a compromise.

Tell us where and how did you meet?

Alain : We met on the day of the city of Rostov in 2010.Alex came to the other in the hostel, but this one was my neighbor.We met, started talking.Alex just broke up with a girl, and I wanted to help him, so he is not so much worried.But it so happened that began to meet.

Alex : I met a girl who seemed to me the only one in this world.She lied and I often drove by the nose.In the end, she left me, because I have too much to it is prohibited.For a long time, I went limp, and my Alena (she was my friend at the time) calmed me and begged that her world has not converged wedge.For a long time we were just talking like this, walked, and then it turned into something more.Now I am happy with Alena and did nothing to regret


How many together?

Alain : For 14 months.

how to understand what you want to be together?Why chose him (her)?

Alex : Alena like my mother.

quarreled ever, and you came to the parting?

Alain : quarreled often, especially early in the relationship, because he could not forget the ex-girlfriend ... And under the new 2011 year.He said he does not want to deceive me and better leave.Oh ... what happened to me, it is only then that I realized that I loved him madly, and I can not come to terms with his decision.
a couple of days afterwards met, talked to him yet educational talk mother and sister spent.And he realized that he was wrong.We made it up, and since then more big fights never been so small things grumble at each other.

Have you had a hard time in life and how you overcame them together?

Alex: And this was, but the important thing is to be together, and the hard times - a matter of time.

secret of how you put up?

Alain: If I am guilty and have to go first to reconcile, then I have just assumed a pretty attractive face and make your eyes like a cat from "Shrek."

Alex: no secret of the special - usually always I apologize.

Was there jealousy in a relationship, and if so, how do you cope with it?

Alena: For the past six months, we live together and be happy, but Leszek constantly jealous.He is the owner of a spooky ... even jealous for no reason, but I'm used to and he tries not to show his jealousy.

What is your love?

Alena: Love for us - family!

Alex: For me, love - is tender and thrilling collision of protons and heavy ions in the Large Hadron Heart.Any feeling can be weighed and measured, but not love, because it is not a feeling, but a way of life and life itself.When you love, you want to move mountains.I am very sorry for those people who do not believe in love and never knew her.Love - it's not just a feeling, but also the meaning of life.And secondly, it is life itself and the family.

Council readers: Do not humiliate yourself and your partner groundless equality, which can destroy your relationship or weaken feelings.

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