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Garter of the bride with his own hands

You will soon wedding and you want to do something special for the holiday, but have not yet figured out what it was.Pay attention to the relatively new but very interesting wedding traditions.It is connected with the garter of the bride and her know.It would seem that there can come up with is new?However, why do not you make yourself beautiful bride's garter with his own hands? Production of wedding attribute - the process is very exciting.At the exit you get a great product that will certainly be the highlight of your holiday.

How to make a bride's garter with his own hands?

To make garter yourself you need to purchase about a meter wide laced tapes (inlay), a thin satin ribbon in the same amount, about half a meter gum, as well as a variety of decorative elements that you decide to put on a garter.In addition to materials purchased, the stock is still useful to you imagination and desire to create!

Let's get started.

  • First you need to take care of the basis of future products.To this end w
    e choose a wide ribbon.In principle, the basis for the material, you can choose any.The main thing that he looked good in a duet with inserted into it a rubber band.Thin tape will be superimposed on the base, so it's best if it is a contrast.Opposite effect can be produced by using color or texture difference in base materials and decorative tape.
  • If you choose lace for the base, the thin tape should either be of a different color, or made, for example, made of satin.However, the opposite pattern is appropriate.

  • Now you need to sew a wide band of foundations a narrow strip.This must be done so that a narrow strip in the middle was wide.Must be carefully sutured.The seams should be placed on the edges of a narrow band.Then, the reverse side of the article under the narrow band inserted gum.Garter should be a little is gathered along the gum.The length of gum need to pre-measure.It should be such that it may be convenient, but it does not jump off, and did not press you a leg up.
  • Give garter finished look, folding it so that it formed a ring.From inside the garter stitch the edges together, making an indentation of about one and a half centimeters.Then expand the remaining ends and sew each of them directly to the garter.It must be done very carefully so that the seam was not noticeable.After completing a look at your product.It should be interesting folds and the narrow ribbon sewn beautifully and smoothly.

How to decorate the bride's garter?

That's where your imagination complete freedom!Be creative, as they say, what you want!Beautiful ribbons, jewelry, various ornaments.The main thing to remember in making garters, that's how it will look will depend primarily on the style of your dress.

If your wedding dress fitting silhouette, the garter and be as small, light and weightless.After all, it should not show through clothes.The same applies to color.

But if your choice has fallen on the dress like ballroom, you can fantasize wildly.No matter how bright the color you have used, and no matter how many patterns of beads or done under your full skirt, it will not be noticeable.

garter doing with your hands, you will not only open up their creativity and unleashes the imagination, but also invest in it a peculiar idea that is understandable only to you and your future husband .This can be done through a variety of colors and, especially jewelry.Go to the creative process and the soul.You will succeed.

Especially for L adyspecial. ru - Marie Matveyuk

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