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How to make a man successful as his inspiration?

Asking this question, you should always start with yourself.I want to inspire a man to it ... And then write all we are waiting for from the man.For example, began more money to bring home, took a step in its development, has become a bold, strong ... In short, write what you really need ...

Now try to imagine that this list got into the hands of your favoritehusband.And he reads that his wife dreams about to become a stronger, higher, more successful.It seems to be okay, but such a note can produce in a man is not joy, but negative.Why is that?Because the estimate calm these desires, only being on the platform of love and having more confidence in yourself.And if a man a doubt, but still in a relationship you do not have everything in harmony, it wishes to be perceived as a claim and belief in his failure as a man.

That is your man does not see what you have written, and quite different: I see that he is not successful, brings a little money, weak, weak-willed ... So good desire begets negativity.

How to send your thoughts to not harm the situation?

take the same list, and little to change it.I want to become a man, I was able to bring ... more ... because I am (!) ... And then you write about his condition, which gave rise to this desire.


I want a man to earn more or find a job because I'm tired of working alone or not at all want to quit work, I am ashamed that my husband does not work, I'm jealous girlfriends, husbands whose successful...

So you come to that prominent place in your desire to inspire her husband take emotions very pleasant (fear, jealousy, resentment, anger ..).And these emotions become the motive, which again and again makes you the man says: find a better job, etc.And you're ashamed to say about them.Plus, you know, it helps only love.And you love the man says something, but transliruete with the whole set of feelings and emotions.That is, envy, resentment, greed, etc .. Because the situation is not changing.

should be noted that blame themselves for negative emotions, too, is not necessary.Yes, you uncomfortable, painful and even scary to admit that you are tired of inspiring man.You realize it?So admit it yourself!Now I do not have that love, to believe in it blindly ...

How to start a movement of love and faith in a man?

with cleansing your desire ...

So, you set a goal to clear his desire from the negative manifestations.And accept that if you do not envy her friends with their successful husbands, do not torment yourself with thoughts "and that I generally chose, and in general to wait another or have to leave?", Then miracles begin to happen.You suddenly become aware that inspiration man, his growth and success lies in a different plane. The answer is not to force yourself or a man!

clue - to change himself, his attitude and approach to life!

And then it is easy to say to yourself, and man, I want you to grow up, because that's how I'll feel light and I can devote more time home, I could be more careful.I can give you more love!I'll feel happier.When the cleaning

his fortune from such interference, the specially inspire anyone not necessary.It starts simple faith ...

What does it mean to believe in a man?

  • Never a man to discuss with her friends, her mother, colleagues and other people (why - see the article Who can and who can not talk about their problems?).
  • not compare a man with someone more successful (in your opinion).Even mentally.
  • Listen and support the idea of ​​a man, when he plans to share with you.Even if the ideas seem unreal.Listen, and then let us know what your vision.Do not ignore or dismiss.In every man lives the creator!He needs to feel that he came into this world to do something important.
  • Believe in your talents men.They are! They appear daily: gallantly takes the clothes, prepare tea for you, help with the children. Praise and thank the man.
  • Do not be like my mother, who keeps a man as the eternal teenager, and indicates that it is something not finish, did not have time, etc.
  • Let a man chooses and decides .Even simple things - go to some supermarket as a rest at the weekend, etc.
  • Do not forget that your man has its unique nature.If it is the nature of the trade people, wages will not cause him difficulties.But maybe he will be very busy.And there will be little time to devote to you and your children.And it will also be bad for you.If a man is by nature a warrior, he can aspire to power, and all your wishes will be ignored.And it can also frustrate you.If your man reaches for knowledge and to teaching, the earning assets may be his biggest challenge.After all, he came into this world for another purpose.And you're sawing it - where is the money?If the man-creator, then its purpose - to become a master of his craft, and not to make a million.It seems unfair.And how about the fact that a man should provide for his family.Yes, it is the duty of men.But the fate of men - this is including the woman who next to him.And that's why a man with such a (insert here the quality of her husband's) is you?

Imagine the here and now you're throwing off the mask of destiny punitive.You do not criticize, do not suffer, and let go of the situation.You just move away to the side and watched as the man in the new state of freedom, the realization of their desires and aspirations begins to understand himself what he earner, it is important that the success that he has a family, which he wants to take care of.It is believed

you in this?If not - time to create the image of a successful man .

Let yourself be inspired by the man.And more are engaged. Himself!Instead of saving a man!

few words about the trauma of betrayal

If ever you believe in man, we supported him, and he left you, you can gain a foothold fear and sense of injustice of fate.The fear to invest in the beloved and be left with nothing.Therefore in the mind, you may want to inspire men and believing in them , and your subconscious way it closed the positive state.

How to deal with a similar situation?

Take a pen and paper and write down their thoughts, answering the question of why it is not necessary to believe in men, they inspire and support?Remove censorship and write everything that he asked out.For example, why do they inspire?And so do not want to do anything!Anyway, sooner or later it will go to the young, which gives more etc.

When the letter will be written - set it aside.A couple of hours re-read what is written.You'll notice that half is not your thoughts.Maybe it's the word mother, friends or even strangers.But it was you took the seeds in their soil.So they sprouted.

Now you have to give up these beliefs.Tear, burn the paper.And create a positive image of the faith in man.To do this, use the formula "feel-think-manifest."

Formula "sense-think-manifested"

So, if I really believe in the man and I want to inspire, I express

  • The feelings: love, tenderness, gentleness, kindness
  • in mind: think ofhusband positively, I do not blame or criticize
  • in action: I do not do all of it myself!Leaves room for men of action.

inspire a man - not equal to create hothouse conditions for him !!!Remember that greenhouse conditions the plant needs, often very capricious, or even the patient, so that it survived.

If you create hothouse conditions, you agree that your man is very similar to a kind of exotic flower for which you need special care.And this is a few errors:

  • first - the man would not like if you compare it with the flower.Even thinking about such harm.
  • second - made men look for a woman.And not vice versa.
  • third - force men increases when it overcomes obstacles (including its shortcomings, cold, deprivation).

why it is so important to take care of man showing love, but did not protect him from life .

Inspire - means giving breathe. not hold in a vice and a snare, not limit it.Do not be afraid of itself!

man might want.A woman is important to be able to wish his growth and development.

Another practice that can help - is willing to all the men of the planet of growth and development.How to do it?5-10 minutes in the morning to pay all the men wishes of happiness, health.To thank the men for strength, energy.Practice daily.Even if laziness and lack of confidence in the way. accumulating image of faith in men. fills it with energy.Then each man will be revealed Herculean strength!

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