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Oath of the bride and groom

Training wedding - the process time-consuming and responsible.It is necessary to think over every detail to make this day perfect and most happy in life.Now ordinary classical wedding is no longer popular.Newlyweds want to make your holiday unique and memorable.One of the brand new "widgets" for the celebrations was the oath the bride and groom.

tradition wedding vows

in wedding ceremonies every country in the world made a promise to give each other love and fidelity, which are called the wedding vows.However, Russia in this respect differs from all the others.In our country oaths are not included in the classic process of marriage.The fact is that since ancient times in Russia, a declaration of love, vows and promises newlyweds were considered a private matter, and not public property.It denies the possibility of pronouncing vows during the wedding ceremony and the Orthodox Church.This is due to the fact that the Scripture says, "Do not swear!".At the same followers of the Catholic faith have

a certain pattern, according to which the couple and say their vows to each other.In Hinduism, marriage vows is a ritual "seven steps - seven vows," Muslims are the words of the vow to Imam.

However, if you do well, I'd like to give each other a promise it for the ceremony, then you can safely get married somewhere abroad.They can do whatever your heart desires will.Only here the legal force of such a marriage will not have.

rules and ideas for wedding vows

to your promises were beautiful, inspiring and spectacular is necessary to try to make them so.To do this, follow a few relatively simple rules.

  • Word vows better to invent himself.Now there are many agencies that are over a certain amount are ready to write to you and your loved stunning, breathtakingly beautiful vows.However, one of them knows your future spouse better than you?You know a lot of years, you have a common interest, some personal highlights.How could an outsider to reveal your thoughts and feelings to her husband in full?
  • not necessarily solemn words are pronounced.They can, for example, to sing.Only here, to execute this idea can be in the presence and hearing voices.Otherwise, your efforts will become unsightly and appear to be ridiculous.And this development you would not have wanted to.
  • Make symbolic designation of his oath.Let it be any little thing that you do with your hands.This thing will please you and lift your spirits when you are separated from loved ones, and in addition, will remind you of the promises you gave her husband.If you do not know that you can make yourself, use ready-made trifling souvenirs.Only, they must necessarily be associated with you is your wedding vow, faithfulness and love.

  • Very interesting and unusual solution would be the family's own flag.Now they can make to order.If you do know how to sew, do it at home on his own project.Consider the meaning of the colors and choose the ones that suit your family.This option will make your oaths symbolize ritual brighter and more festive, give serious and global.
  • Very romantic and symbolic oath will look like you have written on the balloons and released into the sky.This gesture has a peculiar tenderness and charm.In addition, your recognition and promise each other would get up to the sky.After marriage, then it is in the heavens and accomplished.

Whichever scenario you choose for your vows, let it be words coming straight from the heart.It is the words that make your spouse happy forever.

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