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How to seduce a man?

Want to keep a man and have tried all ways, astrology tell how best to tempt all members of the zodiac sign.All men are different, but each character has similar traits, it is only necessary to choose the right strategy.So, read our horoscope to seduce the male characters of the Zodiac.

Aries Aries love to laugh at themselves and appreciate it when others can make them laugh, so you'll have to amuse and entertain always such a man.Aries prefer to pursue women themselves, so that in no case do not take away from him the initiative.This zodiac sign loves bright causing, stylish and independent women, but that he can not stand, it's obsessive and unnecessary advice.


With such a sign is easy to move from friendship into love relationships, as they very much appreciate the friendship and often put her above all else.Quite often, the Virgin are mentally unbalanced personalities, so you need to be more relaxed and flexible in relationships.Virgin also do not like when they are provoked to je

alousy, they can get away without a word, and in any case, do not criticize yourself in his presence, your importance may fall in the eyes of men.

Taurus Taurus

susceptible to those who are willing to listen to them for hours, say yes to him, even if he is fully nonsense.This man loves the emotional, sensual women, who do not act on the nerves his homilies.And that's exactly what he does not like is when it hasten the wedding or talk about ex-boyfriends.


waiting for a Gemini woman who'd always been interested in his work, chores and supported throughout.This zodiac sign does not like the cold quiet women in bed, so it will have to be passionate "tigress."Gemini hate boredom and routine, from time to time to arrange his emotional outburst.


Cancer prefers sweet, romantic, home "cats".It appreciates the patience to his own person and savings in financial matters, as very carefully refers to finance.He does not tolerate, when he deliberately tease and provoke.

Leo Leo

he likes to be the center of attention and likes to active girls, beautiful, challenging society.But who exactly he does not like, so it's "Hypocrites", add a drop of "debauchery" in their behavior.Leo does not suffer when they try to command or to impose a different perspective.This zodiac sign is always given to the palm in a relationship, or his dignity is wounded.

Libra Man Libra as a small child, waiting to be holili and nurtured, fulfilled his whims and constantly asked for advice.Such men are attracted to intelligent women and love to argue over nothing.But that will not work with him, so it hint at his age, and put pressure on him at any convenient occasion.


Scorpions most other men pay attention to the look of his fiancee, he likes beautiful and sexiest women, but did not cause.Very jealous, proud and emotional, so they do not tolerate any criticism, especially when it comes to his sexual exploits.Always off to have sex and expect the same from his lady, and in some respects they need a raid of mystery.

Sagittarius Sagittarius

madly in love with life, so that it is best to be cheerful, optimistic incendiary.Combine in a relationship with him friendship and love feelings.But what to expect from him is useless, because it is passionate confessions and declarations of love, Sagittarius usually express their love acts.


Representatives of this sign in the first place put a career, so you will have to live with it.Capricorns love to be proud of my girl, that's why you should always look the part.Do not you dare criticize the man Capricorn, and demand from him a huge passion in a relationship when he sees fit, and then violate the distance between you.


Such a man can be seduced by keeping a bit cold and detached, without showing their feelings, in general, as he usually looks.Never Aquarians do not sink in the beauty of one, they need intelligent and slightly mysterious woman who have their own interests and hobbies.Very fond of freedom, so often a mistake - is to try to put pressure on him, or bind to yourself, or worse put ultimatums.


with fish almost always "rolls" the tactics of behavior a little old-fashioned, romantic and cute girls like you come from a past era.Admire the colors, take care of other people's children, be very vulnerable and tender.He does not like it when she throws him a reason to be jealous or critical of his actions and deeds.And perhaps most importantly, the heat of the moment or in a quarrel not Zaden his sensitive soul.

Yes, all signs of the zodiac are very similar to each other, but all the same approach to every man should be individualized.In addition to the signs of the zodiac, there are oriental horoscope data, characteristic name and many other factors, lays at birth.But even they do not give a complete characterization of the person, they just push you in the right direction to the heart of your man.

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