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A man and a woman Leo Leo Compatibility in Love and Marriage

Love for the representatives of Leo is the meaning of life.From the nature of the Lions is very amorous and meeting the elect, they consider each novel a real, serious and sincere. That is why Lions are married and once, twice, and quite early an alliance.Married, every time they believe the marriage last.Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

But finding love, which also belongs to the sign of Leo, Leo is able to fall in love for real. that these relations were happy and long, Leo woman need to show sensitivity and tenderness in the relationship.

Compatibility characters male and female lion Lion

Lions want to be loved and to love, like nobody else. For them there is nothing more important than the preservation of their self-esteem and admiration from the opposite sex.

No less important for the Lions is the appearance of the elect.Both men and women of this sign appreciate the publication and visiting various luxury establishments.In this regard, they have a full understanding.For them

it is very important to love for noisy evenings out strongly support partner.Lions tend to create the appearance of luxury and elegant interior.Naturalness and simplicity - not for them, they are too proud and scrupulous.

Communicating Lions bother saving face, which is why they tend to lie. lie - is an attempt to hide the truth or have fun for friends.

Lions have a great talent for storytelling.They will be very pleased if aloud appreciate their numerous advantages.Chosen Lions must belong completely.They are used to control every step, and even then, what his partner thinks.

Compatibility Leo men and women in love Leo

In love male lion is able to give his beloved feel like a queen.Both Leo able to throw at the feet of each other the entire world.

Lions know perfectly how to make his chosen happy.They spare no effort to satisfy the whim of its second half.Quite often the male lion not to delay the marriage proposal, always sincerely believing that this love is the real thing.

from one another Lions will expect a lot.They need to feel first, as in life and in relationships.Male lion wants the woman was in his shadow.He is too proud and belongs to the undivided owners.

compatibility in love among the lions is 100%.

Male Lion and Leo woman: Compatibility married

marriage between two lions can be called the power of two elements.A compatibility in marriage is 70%. union between two noble representatives of Leo most characterized as a "co-love", "friendship-love."Passion is present in such an alliance, but first of all, there are important support, kinship and understanding.

Together they are very good in terms of sensory male lion and a female lion is almost perfect for each other. This pair will be very bright and beautiful.They have a lot of common interests.That's why a couple has the opportunity to live happily ever after.Of course, the struggle for leadership in this energetic alliance will provoke quarrels and loud showdown, but in spite of this, such an alliance has more positive sides than negative.

If the male lion was married more than once, then the marriage may not be the last.Male lion wants to be looked adoringly, and even better from the bottom up.This woman Leo wants the same.It is this struggle ambitions may be the cause of separation.

Leo is able to provide his beloved loving and strong rear.With energetic and hot temper, a woman can become a Lion inspiration and muse for his men.And in response, he is able to get her a star from the sky and do not afford any of the small intrigues on the side.Despite the fact that Leo jealous, he would be happy to go to the theater, parties and movies, allowing to shine his lioness.

Married Leo is not too eager to become a father. If your child will be given too much attention, he is able to express even jealous, because in the center of the family can be only one.If a woman is wise, not giving him cause for jealousy, Leo will be a loving father, and the children from my dad will absolutely love.

meet each other, Lions can create a very beautiful and colorful pair .It will be the center of all kinds of parties, which will shine and attract admiring glances of others.He will not mind admiring glances of other men at his companion, but no more.If a woman lion show gentleness and sensitivity, trying not to hurt his pride proud and proud male lion, such a marriage can be an ideal role model. Showing affection, tenderness, allowing the man to be the head of the Lion family, making him a reliable and strong rear, Leo woman can feel the generosity and breadth of his chosen soul.

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