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Romantic gesture for a loved one

believed that romantic gesture must perform only the man in relation to his beloved, but is nothing more than a stereotype.Men also want attention and surprises by women as a proof of love for him, just often silent about their desires.A woman should not always be an impregnable fortress, a man can not stand and go to a more loving and caring companion, which will be ready for his actions.Let's think together how romantic you can please your loved one?

woman very nature is designed for gentle sensual relationship , so if she was in love and try to put a piece in the act of love, then it is sure to get her man does not get bored with her.And not necessarily expect to hold large cash gifts for a loved one, you can do without financial costs.For example, the simplest of surprises that you'll be able to arrange for his half - is to send in an unexpected moment of romantic sms or sms with a playful sexual overtones.

If you possess a poetic or literary talent, you can try to write a text or touching verse .And believe me, it is not old-fashioned, such a beautiful declaration of love to the man remembered for a long time!But if you're not friends with Russian or simply embarrassed to read your own work is not necessary to burden all on my own shoulders, is enough to remember that we still live in an age of information technology.You can send your man a romantic music card on the Internet, filling out her own request, ready to send love poems on your phone or just send him ISQ kissing smiley.

Just choose the right moment for such romantic surprises, they are unlikely to be appropriate at night, when the man is sleeping sweet and such sms only angered him, or during a hard day when he did not even have time to respond to your message.

There is another way for the most inveterate romantic, which was used many centuries ago - to write a love letter to the man and send it by mail.Just do not e, and at the post.The paper, sealed in an envelope, smelling your perfume and painted with hearts letter exactly surprise your darling.This letter will store a piece of you, and every time reading it, the man will remember you.And this does not necessarily make you a favorite were in different cities, or have been in a prolonged separation.You can live on different streets, neighboring houses, or even in an apartment, in which case you can just put a letter in a prominent place to the man himself saw and read it.But in an envelope to write a note, "especially for the beloved."

If you want a more global action, we can arrange evening for two on the roof , think in advance how you will get through the sunroof, cook something to eat, buy a bottle of champagne, and take warm clothes, if the street is cool.Enjoy each other's company, admire the scenery of the city at night and fall in love anew in each other on the roof - it's incredibly romantic!The same evening, and can be arranged at the hotel: book your room for two in advance and order a strawberries and cream, and then Throw him a sms with the number of the room, that he feels like a hero of a romantic movie.

The romance can be created in any, even the seemingly most ordinary things - fry eggs in the form of the heart, in the middle of the working week unexpectedly buy two movie tickets, in the morning going to work on the glass to write love lipstick recognition or sweaty glass machines drawheart.

Some might say that such acts have long gone out of fashion, but it is not, if you want to make your loved nice, nothing should stop you!Therefore, despite the fact that many in the world today is changing, these feelings are also important in the life of every person and of course bring novelty into the relationship.Such actions will contribute not only romantic, but also help to regain the passion.

Especially for LadySpecial - Natella

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