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How to become wise in all respects a woman?

wise woman - it sounds good.She knows all about life and men.She knows how to behave in the company of friends, colleagues and loved one.She admired her worship! How to become in every respect a wise woman ?

path to wisdom in all respects

  • First of all, you must know yourself .Take the time to sit and think and make sense of what you really are.What do you like most about what you would like to achieve, what is the meaning of your life?Answering these questions will help you study the wide range of information from art books, films, stories and other people's biographies.
  • When you understand what you want, transition from thought to action .Start working on yourself.Cast away those habits and traits that are preventing you go to his purpose.Start a training good habits.At this point, you are likely to need a variety of books for self-development.For more information about these books you can read the article What to check for self-development.

  • next step towards the attainment of wisdom - know men .The main mistake women - what they judge men on their own, but it does not take into account that men are completely different, with their outlook on life.To understand them, you can learn the basics of male psychology.
  • And the last step on the road to wisdom.No, do not change a man.And, conversely, never not try to change it .As a rule, no good it does not.You probably already know this, if carried out the third paragraph.

How to become a wise woman in all respects?

When you have completed the above recommendations of the items you need to know, what is it - a wise woman .What are the rules and principles she lives? What do you want to stick to become a wise woman?

  • You must learn once and for all, never all at once.If you want to become a wise woman, you should learn patience (Read more about how to learn patience, read the article - How to learn patience in relations).
  • must learn to love, trust and give freedom of choice to their loved ones.
  • You must learn the rules - no man is someone's property, it is in itself.
  • wise woman always hardworking and has a good sense of humor.
  • especially important quality wise woman - to be able not only to hear but also to listen to!This is truly a rare feminine quality!
  • wise woman will always be able to complete relationship with dignity.Being alone, she can cry and scream and beat the dishes.But she always parted quiet and beautiful.
  • The wise woman mind is always able to restrain emotions.It predominates over them.
  • wise woman would never associate with those people who hinder its self-development and prevented to go to the purpose.
  • If you want to become a wise woman, remember, is truly wise woman will always be able to avoid dubious acquaintances.
  • wise woman knows , that one can never fully give way to passion, otherwise things may occur, which then have to regret.
  • To become wise in all respects a woman, you should learn to distinguish between a passing fancy of true love, insane, destructive passion from the quiet calm of happiness.
  • It should be remembered, wisdom - is , first of all experience.Your, your loved ones and even strangers to you people.This experience you can learn from books, movies and magazines.
  • wise woman always dreams of the real.She's down to a pipe dream.
  • wise woman knows that no one on the planet can not be for her idol.Just because he is an ordinary man.

  • If you want to become a wise woman, remember, is truly wise woman will never tolerate insults to her cause.
  • wise woman knows how important it is for men to praise and support.Not touching prisyusyukivanie and clear support.
  • truly wise in all respects a woman , will never draw hasty conclusions, until thoroughly sort out the situation.
  • wise woman always brought up, tactful and delicate.
  • wise woman in the family is always a rest, because she knows, really, to take care of their loved ones.
  • always wise woman builds her family trust, understanding and support, but, in any case.Not on mutual commitments.
  • wise woman will not be long rant, she prefers action word.
  • If you want to be, in all respects, wise woman , be aware that all people love very differently, as manifested in different ways and their love.A wise woman would never expect from a man of standard actions and words.
  • truly wise woman will always behave differently, depending on the situation and the environment.
  • If you want to become wise, it is not necessary to speak long long monologues.Listen more.
  • A truly wise woman never will demonstrate their skills and knowledge where it is needed.
  • If you want to become a wise woman, never try to prove the man that you are smarter than him.
  • truly wise woman always gratefully accept male help.She would not take upon himself all the housework.

  • wise woman can afford to spend a little silly sometimes.
  • wise in all respects a woman always and under all circumstances, to respect themselves and their feelings.
  • If you want to become wise, you have to make sure to always be interesting for her man.
  • truly wise woman always very cleverly and subtly make its own way, even in the case where a man was with her did not agree.

How were you able to observe the recommendations on the subject how to become a woman, wise in all respects , more than enough.Therefore, you are sure with time it can be, if you are determined to succeed!

You all must succeed!

Especially for - Vitalina

November 30, 2013 22:11
Wisdom - a gift.I would very much like the end of life to get it.It's so beautiful when a man is wise.But the first step to wisdom is patience - and then the ability to talk with them, analyze, communicate with smart and good people, reading, traveling.In this respect, an example for me by my father.
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