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How to build a harmonious relationship with a man?

Every woman wants her relationship with a man is in complete harmony.Sooner or later each of us there are dreams of a serene existence next to a loved one who is filled with joy, fun, happiness and, at the same time, tranquility and harmony.Dreams are, we return to reality, where not all so rosy as in dreams.And begin to torment the idea, how to translate dreams into reality.

search of the ideal in a relationship

Do not look for the ideal.It simply does not exist.Not only that, everyone - individual, which are mixed and a lot of different positive and negative qualities, so each of us has the ability to change depending on the situation.Therefore, the person who initially seems perfect, then there will be less and less fit your dreams.As a result, you will be constantly searching and do not will find the long-awaited happiness.

Instead of looking for the proverbial ideal, a better look at the man who is now next to you, maybe that's him you want to spend the rest of days.And if so, try to under

stand them as much detail in each other.Express your desire, dissatisfaction and delight.So you will be easier to build relations.

Do not try to control the man in the relationship

Somehow, with the advent of a more or less strong relationship for many girls wakes teacher talent.And it manifests itself in a constant process of re-education of its youth.It would seem, well, what's wrong with that.At the same time learn how to deal with women and you will do nicely.But many members of the male population of our planet may regard all this as an encroachment on their personal freedom.Of course, in any relationship should be some concessions, lapping arrangement.But this should not border on moral violence.You can not alter the people for themselves and their ideals.Because then you get a completely different person, may not, in which they fell in love.And then what do you do with your own creation?

possible, by the way, and the other up.Your ideal may find that he no longer needs you.And this is the dream of almost created you drift away to another.Do not you be hurt?By the way, this applies not only to women.Men who give women an opportunity to feel their superiority, are beginning to deny too much, not even imagining that these girls then completely stop them interested.Try to trust a person and as little as possible to limit his freedom, but does not tolerate insolence or, God forbid, a betrayal.

tradition for harmony in relationships

Many psychologists believe that to the relationship became more interesting and more varied, you can enter in your couple something special traditions .For example, each month on a certain day you try something new for themselves (dish exotic cuisine, any extreme sport, or stroll, where not).These special events create a sense of integrity and great shake your everyday life.

you and your partner get a huge charge of new sensations and positive emotions.As a result, you will not be bored alone.For more likely to receive such emotions, try to do sometimes with small chores. Collaborate on anything helps strengthen relationships, make them stronger and more harmonious.

It's hard to find someone who can create for the two of you the whole world.Even more difficult to keep him happy and your attitude.However, if you spend a little time for the benefit of strengthening the relationship, you can see how things are changing in the desired direction.Your relationship will acquire its special harmony, not like the one that is at the other pairs.You will be happy in a special way ... Together.

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