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Woman's happiness.

Female happiness ... It is only in the song - it would be pretty close - and that in fact it is like?After all, today we want a nice car, and tomorrow - a bunch of young kids in the house, the next day - a spectacular career, and after the next day ... In moments of sadness and loneliness is lacking a number of good, loyal and understanding person only;in moments of joy for the happiness requires money, time and friends that it's possible to divide the morning often need to be happy just to sleep.So, if you constantly for the happiness that - that is not enough, it's time for it to undertake urgent and seek their female happiness .

If dear, looking for something with a mind

Regular relationships crumble, and you go into a deep depression.You feel like a failure, even secretly thinking about the crown of celibacy and damage.Surely today you need to be happy loved one.Love - a great feeling - and it can do wonders.You hover above the ground, in the day there is clearly extra hours, because you h

ave time.Why not add up?Do you know someone looking for?If right now you show pictures of young people, you can say: blonde or brunette?At what age?figure?financial situation?Which one do you need?Most often, the answer is "no."Since then, and should start.At the time, I was advised to make a list of qualities that I would like to have been endowed with, my dear.The list is large and contains a lot of water on the kindness, sincerity, caring, understanding.But then, bad luck, everything that is not specified in the list, is not considered to be desired, and I began to come across very nice and sincere people, why - that respecting and even alcohol.And then I made a new list by specifying it most necessary for me quality , and in a positive way .Why positive?Explain, then when you start to read this list, no matter what mood you are, you'll look for a man of positive, faithful, and not prone to change, leading a sober way of life, and not drinking.And after all artfully arranged our brain, it does not focus on particles "not", and that after her properly.So, the list has already received a small, accurately describes the important features for me.Soon after I met him and realized that never before on - really did not like and was so loved.Now I have my second half and this is my woman's happiness.

Lucky the one who carries

That you have made the list and forget to think about it.Oh, I always have bad luck ... And you know the saying?If you decide to find love, then look for it, not sit in sadness and grief at home.Now there are many online dating sites, marriage agencies and just places where you can go with friends, and at the same time to shop around.Because now you know exactly what you are looking for.Similarly, we solve the rest of their "problems on the road to happiness."Not enough time looking for free, or free up as much as possible, have not seen a close - and who's stopping you to go and to come to visit them?Remember, luck to those who are lucky, but luck comes to those who are actively looking for him!

Depression - sin

Increasingly, it is now heard the word "depression".As I understand it, it happened when a man fell off a mountain or such trouble that it can not resolve itself.And the man is upset, it is bad ... But in reality is somewhat different.That man has decided that he does not carry, I do not get, and that's it, and he folded his legs and sink into the abyss of self-pity.That is what I am unhappy ... (unlucky, weak, stupid, indecisive, etc.) Surf - ka I'm at home depressed, you look to change that.For example, a million in a bag fall from heaven, or the Prince himself, and guess on a white limo will drive up to my house.Funny, is not it?Actually, as it turns out that if a person went into a depression, it is such a solution to their problems and waits.Discouragement - it is a sin in the Bible look and a rolling stone gathers no water will flow.So it is necessary to solve the problems actively, and if need any help, just ask her.I'm sure your friends and family will not give you.

I hate all

anger, frustration and hatred of others are born within us.They come from a sense of self-dissatisfaction, lack of implementation, it is unnecessary to others.But this does not mean that you are a bad and unnecessary people.This means that you either have not yet found its sphere of application, or you do not have the habit of helping others, or you are just an avid pessimist.With this, too, can and must be fought and, of course, is also active.Develop love and harmony to help meditation.In the evening before going to bed early in the morning and sat down so that no one will interfere, and concentrate on love.First, to the world, and then all the people in general.In books on meditation is described in detail how to sit, what to think, what to focus on.We talk about a better result.Once you learn to love yourself, then others will cease to hate.And they immediately feel it!There are special exercises to help relieve stress, or controlling it.For example, I helped that.In the evening I wrote down on a piece of paper the names of those who tormented me one day and said: "With love and gratitude ... I forgive (name) and accept it for what it is" believed it difficult at first, but gradually it turns out, and you get rid ofanger.

peace and harmony in the family is increasingly dependent on women, peace and contentment in her soul too.Lazy gives up and throws to try and win is always the one who stood up at one time more than the fall.In our power to change in yourself that we do not like or love yourself for what it is.The main thing - happiness, but it is at everyone.I sincerely wish you find your female happiness !

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