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Choose a man for serious relationship

Want me to prompt you need to do that in the near future, you shone with happiness that finally found the true relationship?It is enough to read this article.You do not have time to wonder how you will go right way, which is waiting for you only a man for life!You will understand what a man you need, how to distinguish it from unnecessary contenders for the hand and heart.It describes specific steps, following which you will surely soon the sound of Mendelssohn's march went to the room, accompanied by a combination of marriages of the elect and your friends and relatives.Well, if this celebration is delayed, then you are not "mature enough" to such relationships, they dream .. Do not rush things.This step is very important!Use better this time out to develop and, reaching a certain level, you will meet the person.Always.No options.

begin to prepare yourself for the role of wife

Long before the approach to the solution to marry.To do this, first of all, we need to look at yourself, image, appearanc

e, manners.Who do they attract?I assure you that men of any age, living in any country, of different faiths always agree on one thing: they appreciate the girl's virtue and modesty.Availability attracts only a short time for the selfish interests and only psychologically immature, infantile men.Do you need them?Of course not.Secondly, you should clearly realize for yourself what your ideals, what you believe (in God, the Supreme Intelligence, etc.), asit defines your values.If you change your point of view, depending on the circumstances, you will be easy to manipulate, and it always will drop back.Formulate guidelines for themselves and live in accordance with them, then you will only accept or reject the proposal (based on his principles).And third, you have to be sensible, that is,the ability to think.This means that before you do something, think: "What will bring me tomorrow?" Men are afraid of women in excessive emotionality, they are simply powerless to understand its behavior.Consequently, they will appreciate it is the one that knows how to think.

What should be the husband

This man, who is looking for any woman who meets the following criteria: first, it should have its own system of values, indestructible, slim, intelligent.This is to ensure that a woman could respect him.Without it, a man swims wherever the wind blows.This is not serious.Secondly, a man must be responsible.Nature has put that in a couple of leadership must belong to the man.He needs to know where to go and quietly lead your ship to the goal.Husband is designed to protect, to shelter his wife and offspring.Choose a man for whom you would like to go, who could trust.And third sacrifice.You should make sure that your choice is ready for feats for you, but not in a literal sense, of course.This can be expressed, for example, is that when you feel unwell, and he was going on a fishing trip with friends, it will remain with you.He donated a hobby for you, he is not afraid to look in the eyes of friends henpecked, because you are for it - worth a treasure!Take care of this man!

How to search for someone with whom to go through life

To avoid mistakes when choosing a life partner, should be guided by simple principles.

1. Marry need only having similar values.You must be a single authority.On the path of each pair meet obstacles, difficulties.How will you overcome them?What will follow?If the husband is an atheist, and you believe in God, it would be difficult to keep the ship even in weak wind gusts.Husband and wife should draw strength from the same source, then you will consistently pull in the same direction.

2. You have to match each other.Tit can be a pair of eagle.Eagle looking eagle.This refers to the origins, conditions of education, material wealth, relationships in families, education, development.Unequal marriages are short-lived, bring disappointment and pain.

3. Marriage must be entered only for love!Are you ready to dedicate his life to serve him to the end?And he would give his life for you without a doubt?If your answer is yes - congratulations!

4. your decision.When you start dating after a first date, and must decide honestly to each other - if you want to continue dating if "yes", then what?It is important to be honest to ourselves and to partner.If the above is in it, and all the criteria are the same (without exception), it does not adequately prevent joint go way!If at least one of the items is not the same - do not rush to not be excruciatingly painful afterwards.

You may confusing abundance of items and criteria for what should be guided in finding a life partner.It is only at first glance.I specifically specified the maximum that you're not confused.I hope you have the total picture has developed properly.But just in case, test yourself again.If you are firmly decided to find a man for serious relationship = for a family, begin to prepare themselves for the role of his wife today;Ask the universe, God the future of the satellite;Be assured - it is already there, it is on its way to you;I know that all the time (you have to mature to bear responsibility for her husband);Be honest with yourself and with men, keep your distance so long as you can (ideally, before the wedding), believe me, it will clarify its intentions almost immediately.That is all that is required from a woman to her future was bright and joyful!

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