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What men like women?

Questions like this are concerned about each of us.Every woman wants to pay attention to it the person of the opposite sex.One fairly modest attention from a loved one, the other wants to be the star of the male society.One way or another, but to you and me something catches.Asked what scientists and psychologists can not find a clear answer.Some believe that the main thing is a biological factor, others take as a basis for the soul and the senses.In order to understand what was going on, and talk about that, and about the other side.

that men love a woman from a biological standpoint?

Scientists believe that the interests of modern men to women have some "primitive".That is, now they are interested in the same thing, and in ancient times.As before, man subconsciously chooses the woman who, in his opinion, will be able to give birth to healthy offspring .Such women are different, for example, good figure .No wonder that invented the notorious standard.Indeed, according to them, waistline girls sho

uld be seventy per cent of the circumference of the hips.Such proportion considered normal for a good flow of labor, and hence for the birth of a healthy baby.

Eyes and lips also play an important role.It is believed that the owner of big eyes - well, in good health, except, again, it is capable of a healthy, normal product offspring.In addition, men somehow think big eyes feminine trait.

All of the above refers mainly to the biology and the main human instinct.

What men like in women from the psychological point of view?

However, whatever may be said about the forms and physiology of the right proportions, many men choose women who does well in this framework do not fit.And here comes into force the psychological factor.

  • Men love women independent.Simply put, never try to hang out all the time you loved the man in the neck and moaning that it your whole life.In addition, also at pains to prove it.On the contrary, you must show that your life is perfect and if you continue your relationship fall apart unexpectedly.Never show him their addiction, even if deep down believe that nothing can not do without it.However, as in any business, you must be careful not to overplay.Keep a sense of proportion.
  • Men love women respect themselves and demand it from others.That is, a woman should not go on about all the desires of her husband.It is better if you understand it is not just to win or keep the guy, but also for himself.Self-esteem must be your life principle.If you respect yourself, you never did let you humiliate, insult or offend another in any way.Yes, and perhaps we need people who make you offended, angry or upset.In addition, a person who respects himself, will certainly respect the other.
  • Men like decent women.Do you think you can find a decent guy, with whom you can connect a life, constantly consuming alcohol, smoking a cigarette and swearing like a trooper?If find, then do not expect a serious relationship. woman should always remain just a woman, and not seek to become the likeness of men.

  • patient Men love women.Namely those who will not resemble infinitely moan about the wedding or baby, dog and so on.Of course, their wishes to the young man report it is imperative.But do not ever repeat the same about it.If you already have one somehow hinted at a wedding or something else, try no more about it mention.It is better to remove the words related to the topic of the lexicon.Believe me, the man himself will do when the time comes.And they like to decide everything yourself .So give your loved this opportunity.

Considering the two factors that can make a rough physiological and psychological portrait of a woman who likes men. However, remember that everyone has only one real woman that can make his heart tremble, for which he will perform nearly heroic acts and that will be on hand - favorite !

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