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Pink Wedding Dress

Often the bride can not stop for a long time on a particular dress.There is important and the color (« Why white ?»), And the style and material, and much more.First of all, let's just say, that white wedding dress - a classic, but still prefer the classic style.Therefore, you can safely throw the white wedding dress and opt for pink.Why in the pink?- You ask.Because his fashion stylists advise this season.

Pink - a combination of white and red .He points to the sincere love and affection.This color saves energy red , but softer of its manifestations, in which there is no place aggression .On the properties of pink speak phrases such as "La Vie en Rose," "pink dream", "looking at the world through rose-colored glasses."

Those who like the color pink can get worked on the most insignificant occasion. Psychologists in color therapy uses this color to eliminate suicidal thoughts patients. Pink talks about the beauty of life, the need love and be loved .Looking at things pink, the person calms d

own, removes aggression and irritability.

A few tips for the bride in a pink dress

  • Bride in pink light (yes, it is light) dress looks very gentle, sensual and feminine.
  • pink wedding dress - the best option for young romantic bride.
  • to your pink dress harmoniously looked at the wedding, the groom make to advise his suit anything pink.This can be a light pink color shirt (pink or dark, either on your taste), tie, etc.

  • also very unusual and memorable way to the bride in pink and her friend, who also wore a more modest evening dress pink.Keep the shades of pink in harmony with each other, not merging, and no goal.In a pink dress you and your witness will look very charming, like the young, lovely creation.
  • For white and pink as well as to pure pink should choose the right accessories.For pink and white dress veil, shoes and gloves are white.Bridal bouquet should be composed of delicate white buds and pink flowers.But do not paint pink lip gloss, lipstick should be matte, low-key tone.Pink glitter on photos during video shooting creates a glare that would not be very nice to look at the finished photo and video.

Suitable to your pink wedding dress?

Despite the beauty of the pink color, it is equally important to choose the right shade is suitable for you.Otherwise the pink color will emphasize your beauty and ruin.Therefore approach to the choice of pink shade for your wedding dress seriously and carefully.

As you know, every girl belong to a tsvetotipu that gave scientists In accordance with the seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.Each type has its own characteristics (see the article "Blue Wedding Dress").

  • For girls - Spring suitable yellow-pink, pale peach, the color of flamingos.
  • For girls - Summer: ash-pink, purple, cranberry, dusty pink, fuchsia.
  • For girls - Autumn most suitable colors are apricot, peach, orange and pink.
  • For girls - Winter: fuchsia, icy pink, hot pink, purple and red.

Pink is projected experienced stylists wedding fashion in the near future will be more and more popular.This means that choosing a wedding dress every shade of pink, you will not regret it.

Pink wedding dresses - is originality, sincerity, tenderness, love and kindness.One of the best days of your life you will admire incessantly.

Especially for - Margo

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