Relationship // He and she

A romantic story: Someone got the wrong number ...

Fun Dating

cloudy and cold at night, especially when the soul yearns for adventure, I received a message from an unknown number."Hey, when you get back my book?"."Someone made a mistake," at the time I thought.And can not you?As can be considered a mistake so beautiful, soul stirred up feelings that are remembered for a lifetime?

I was bored - and I said, "Do I have something that you took?... I do not remember. "Then we began to correspond ...
a few posts, we realized that we are interested in communicating.It is not always possible to explain in words.You just feel.You feel a kindred spirit ...

distance ...

During acquaintance turned out that he lived in Lvov (and I in Kharkov) and thousands of kilometers between us ... The rain was falling, and I was sad, and I was damn lonely.I guess he wanted me just then, it was in those seconds.We need a very, as I told him.On the same day he called me.It started a completely crazy, endless correspondence on the phone and by e-mail.Well, that modern tec

hnology can always be in touch.

Our first meeting

All this happened in the spring.The session then seemed especially endless, anxious to see him.And as soon as I passed the exam - I tore him.Crazy.He promised to show me the city ... The old, beautiful city where you can wander for days through the quiet streets, enjoying the beauty and feeling all the greatness of this place.But the city I saw from the window of a minibus that was driving him home.And no matter how it sounded - gone and funny - everything was just fine ... clean and beautiful.Let this was our first meeting, but we were waiting for it for two months.Two months for lovers - an eternity.
We dreamed how we drink flavored coffee in the old café, which built more Austrians.But when we met - we were totally up coffee.


Then I came back.And away we go another two months of madness.I was ready to give up everything and go to your favorite.Leave habitual and dear to me.Move across the country - to the city.In fact, even Lvov, but simply to it!To live without him could not, could not breathe and could not think.We copied all night.But
relationships at a distance, he could not resist.I met a girl there.Wrote that he could not so much anymore.
However, the story is not over.For one girl there was another, then a third, but he still wrote to me at night ... I stayed in Kharkov.No moving, I no longer planned.And why go if you let them and wait, but do not believe in relationships.

From angel to demon

And the funny thing is that we ended up not from a distance, not because we live thousands of kilometers apart.While the country has begun a change of government, and many still remember the days of "orange" revolution.That's because of her, we were on opposite sides of the barricades.Misunderstandings, disputes.And now I realize that it is right that, in any case, the difference of worldviews have surfaced later.And how well that everything happens at the right time, even before we have time to make some serious mistakes.

Today I smile fondly and remember the time that we spent together.Our crazy feelings that painted in bright colors all seasons: spring, summer, autumn and early winter.And the way that has done a good man in my soul - from the angel in which I was in love, though very few knew him, and in an instant became a demon because of differences in outlook.And no amount of talking, I realized that a similar outlook plays a very major role in the relationship, and without it no relationship will not last long, because someday you will encounter in your life interests and values ​​diverge, as well as your way ...

Especially for LadySpecial - Elena