Relationship // He and she

The art of being a woman

«Silly woman watching their men, and smart - for themselves."

- Once we were so happy together, and suddenly everything collapsed in a moment!

- I do not understand what happened, everything was fine, why he went to the other?

- what have I done?What makes it better?After all, before he loved only me?

- When we met, I was for him the most beautiful, the most desirable woman in the world!Why is his sense of the past?

- Why is he cheated on me?

How often a woman asked similar questions - ask them to herself, her friends, a psychologist ... How often in our lives happen, at first glance, unforeseen, unexpected trouble - something going on with her husband, a friend, a boyfriend - it changes.It changes, it changes ...

But it suddenly changed the situation between the two lovers once?

Let's start with the beginning.You vstretilis..i! .... And then just stopped.What were you like when you met?Fun, and maybe sad;sad, and perhaps mysterious;happy life, or disappointed in this world;looking for new me

etings or unwilling no dating.In fact, it does not matter.What is more important - then, at that moment when you first met, in the eyes of the man you've been unexplored, inaccessible, unattainable.

What happens then?You met, began to know each other ... and he fell in love!No.He fell in love for the first time.Not when you have become to know each other, and at the time of the meeting, at a glance.

Male and female psyche are arranged differently.Man is by nature a conqueror, he attains the unknown territory, he is active, he is a warrior.A man always knows at a glance, the woman will be his wife or not.(I'm not talking about cases where the woman herself falls in love with a man and begins to seek - more on that another time).

female psyche is arranged differently.A woman needs stability, peace, clarity in the relationship.Women rarely fall in love at first sight, rather the second or the third.The woman should take a closer look, get used to, feel comfortable - as a rule, then in her heart love is born.

Therefore, in all myths, fairy tales and legends of the man is active - he is looking for his beloved, seeking her in various tournaments, being tested ... A woman is passive - it sits and waits for her prince, she had inspected, tested, eyeing him.

And now - the final, he won her, she gave him her heart.They got married, and ....And what happens next?Unfortunately, as mentioned above, a man is by nature a conqueror, the conqueror.He won the same territory, rest ... and went to win the next ...

A woman sits quietly in the conquered territories in the belief that her man will sit and enjoy life with her ...

the female art is to always remain for menunfathomable mystery, let already studied, but at the same time and unexplored.

why there are so many slogans under the motto "Love yourself!" Their essence is not selfish concentration on himself and disregard for others.

No, the essence of this slogan in the study itself, the adoption of himself in the art of self-love.When a woman learns to love yourself, it incurs interest, new desires, she addresses her man.It is again unclear, uncharted.

The secret lies in the fact that men like us to solve again and again.Men are proud, when the wife has interests and hobbies in life.Men like to fulfill our desires!

If a woman has no desire, if it is satisfied with everything - the man does not feel realized, he does not understand what his destiny next to this woman.He is looking for another - the one who has the desire, the request needs.Feminist "I myself indulge yourself" killing men, makes them boys, irresponsible, lazy, passive.

feminist-minded women make men out of their girls, the energy in such pairs is changed from one polarity to another - women become men, and men as women.But deep down, man is still a man, and as soon as he meets this woman, he will change, go for it.

you never hold your man, if they themselves will fulfill all your desires, or if you studied the book for him, conquered territory.

Love yourself, listen to him, to deal with them - and your man will always be with you!

Especially for LadySpecial - psychologist,

personal effectiveness coach

Irina Bogdanova

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