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Compatibility of temperament

Temperament has a huge impact on a person's character is the cause of the behavioral differences in people.Science and life is not just prove that the relationship in a pair of very closely related to the temperaments of men and women.Creator of the concept of the types of temperament is Hippocrates.He proved that people are divided into 4 types: sanguine, melancholic, phlegmatic and choleric.

He - melancholic

If your favorite turned out to be melancholic, in principle, you very lucky, because married melancholic manifest themselves as caring and loving wife, ready at any moment to come to the rescue.The downside is that they are quite vulnerable and often their mood swings are not clear to others.Such geniuses as the famous philosopher Descartes, the English scientist Charles Darwin, the great Russian writer Nikolai Gogol, composer Frederic Chopin and Pyotr Tchaikovsky were also melancholic.He

- phlegmatic

If your phlegmatic young man, then patience will not hurt.It's terrible leisurely people

who think a million times before to take this or that decision.But he is calm even in the most difficult situations, stable and consistent in the relationship.We possess a temperament commander Kutuzov and fabulist Ivan Krylov.

He - choleric

If your partner is a choleric, be prepared for constant change.Such a man would seek your liking very hard and beautiful, but it will not stop there and will run to conquer new heights.You have to always be at least a little bit mysterious and inaccessible.Be prepared for criticism, choleric often unnecessarily rude and straightforward.Known representatives of the choleric is Peter the Great, Russian writer Alexander Pushkin, and a well-known military leader Suvorov.He

- sanguine

Get used to the superiority of his beloved if he sanguine.You should always express the raptures about any of his act.He should regardless of the situation always remain the focus of attention.Despite the fact that he loves the diversity and dynamics, it is unlikely to conquer new heights, as afraid of difficulties.As a rule, sanguine very prudently.Herzen and Mozart had a difficult temperament.


Temperaments often combined according to the principle of opposites.As a rule, people are interested in learning from each other.

Choleric Phlegmatic +

ideal couple will be choleric and phlegmatic.They complement each other.Phlegmatic can tolerate violent bursts of activity have a choleric.In turn, the choleric will appreciate in the phlegmatic calm and poise.The dispute phlegmatic will concede, of course, if it does not concern his personal principles.

Melancholic Sanguine +

melancholic sanguine good support.These temperaments complement each other, and even if there are any problems, they will understand them easily.Melancholic easiest to get along with sanguine.Sociable sanguine can evaluate the deep inner world of the melancholic.

Choleric Sanguine +

very good alliance will choleric and sanguine.They always find a topic of conversation.Choleric - comes up, sanguine - implements.But because of the stormy temperaments often their conversations will develop into disputes.

Melancholy + phlegmatic

quite calm attitude waiting melancholic and phlegmatic.Probably, their lives will be very quiet, but there will be no understanding of the frequent dives into his own inner world.Arguing he likely will not be, it just is not interesting.

+ Choleric Melancholic Choleric

because of its melancholic temper could hurt his criticism and straightforwardness, unwillingness to compromise.Union is possible if the choleric melancholic take under its protection.

+ Sanguine Phlegmatic Sanguine

not have enough attention from the phlegmatic, as the latter often stingy in expressing feelings.But, if they feel the practical interest in each other, that such a union would live long enough.

Couples with similar temperaments are not always able to keep the relationship.

Melancholy Melancholy +

Two melancholic often get bored with each other.They lack initiative and attention to each other.Most likely they will sit in the corners because of the reluctance to understand the world of each other.

+ Phlegmatic Phlegmatic Phlegmatic

- a good family man.But their union can not be called passionate.Phlegmatic pretty stingy on the senses.Plus it lies in the fact that such an alliance would be balanced and reasonable.

+ Choleric Choleric Choleric

can not control their expression and strike each other deep resentment that eventually leads to separation.But there are rare cases where they have a great support to each other, and even looking for compromises.

Sanguine Sanguine +

At first, they are a lovely couple.But the desire for independence, often sanguine demolish even the most beautiful relationship.They will constantly try to control each other, which will lead to frequent conflicts.

course, temperament plays a crucial role in the selection of their halves, but the man and woman always have to learn to compromise and to think about the feelings of each other, otherwise no compatibility will not save their relationship.

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