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time when it was normal that a woman sitting at home, have children, keeps house and humbly awaits the arrival of her husband from work, are long gone.At present, borne on the shoulders of women and housework and child-rearing and the achievement of certain heights in her career.When we hear the phrase "modern woman" immediately pops up the image of a sort of impregnable selfish woman who only does what is occupied by some calculations, thinking through different working schemes, and certainly such a modern woman should be alone without a husband and children.Of course, in our society quite successful women who, having many material goods in his life alone, loneliness is a kind of payback for what they have.Lonely and successful;married housewives - are two extremes of the modern way of life of women, and if the woman is married and successful - this is an exception to the rule or the golden mean?

If the wife earns more than her husband

believed that the basis of this alliance is the choice of a w

oman representative of the so-called feminine type (psychologists developed a theory of psychological floor in which there are feminine style - feminine and masculine type - mannish), it isdoes not mean that these men a high tone of voice and mincing habits, they just has such character traits as kindness, softness, flexibility;while the women masculine type has such character traits as aggressiveness, initiative.In our country, these men often work by calling (primary school teachers and instructors in the children's clubs, etc.), Respectively, receive a small salary, which leads to problems in their family.If you create a married couple with these types of thinking, we can say that their relationship is perfect, but their happiness is often prevent attitudes that the family man - earner must earn a lot more women, and the wife must see to the house and the kids.These settings are not quite so traditional, it is worth at least a look at the Russian - folk tales, fairy tales but, sometimes a woman is very difficult to accept the fact that her husband earns a little, and then how to be in this situation?The first thing to stop her husband saw his small income (after all, you've then married him not for money), you begin to appreciate the wonderful qualities that it has (kindness, honesty, and so forth.), It would be ideal to do some-or a common cause (often a clear allocation of responsibilities in the company leads to success that can positively impact on your financial situation).Make no mistake that the type of feminine men do not suffer from the fact that the main income to the family budget brings his wife, it acts as the stereotype of the "miners in the family", if you care about your man, you must adhere to certain rules of conductif the husband helps with the housework, it is necessary to praise, thank, reward kiss and not take it for granted;it is not necessary to do so that your husband asked you for money for any expenses, even if they lie somewhere where he could always find them;never and under no circumstances should compare your man with a neighbor, a colleague, a friend, who achieved more, this could hurt your husband.I do not want to say that if a woman brings in the family's main income, the man is sorry and to please him in every way, no.For his part also requires understanding and support, because at its core women are very vulnerable, not for nothing that a woman - the weaker sex.In the union, where the dominant role belongs to man, everything is clear and understandable, the husband brings (mines), the wife manages such roles is perceived as something natural, as natural roots of this go deep into history, to the mammoth.But the modern world with its wealth of information, with beautiful faces of successful ladies on the covers of magazines leads to the fact that many women want a success for themselves, they struggled thrown into the maelstrom of work, putting a family until later, and then it is for many people andIt remains in the future.

modern woman strong, successful, energetic, single-minded, but still it is so vulnerable, she just needs a house, where it offers a wonderful loving husband and children, and then it becomes absolutely unimportant, what is going on there behind the doors of the house;cozy house, a cup of warm tea, embracing arms of a loved one, children, snoring quietly in their beds, the feeling of absolute happiness ... What else you need? ...

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