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Jealous - it means love?

Jealous - it means love?But then, why so many divorces, quarrels and separations because of this "indicator" of love?As a result of this disease suffer from both sides: the one who is jealous, and that someone jealous.Jealousy comes next with a passion.And the passion passionate, the zealous jealousy.Some are jealous with such enthusiasm that it seems as if they are getting from this moral satisfaction kakoe- it, they like to be jealous, they want to.

Nature jealousy

Jealousy can be compared with the pepper.In a small number of dishes acquires unique aroma of spices, making the finished dish a holistic way, complete.But it is worth a little too far with him ... and ... there is no longer possible, since the pepper just burn everything.No wonder the world classics are devoted to this feeling - jealousy.Until now, it is impossible to reconcile with the fact that the Moor Othello smothered Desdemona!But let's not about the horrors.

Psychoanalysts different countries agree that jealousy fueled by th

e subconscious fear of losing the object of our desire.There is such a logical chain: the jealousy does not appear for no reason, therefore, it is suspected, and perhaps evidence that he (she) like the other (s).And here she rolls a wave of feelings and emotions!Any more or less experienced woman knows that sometimes you have to at least give himself a man jealous.After all, if your man will not see that you pay attention to other men, he can visit the idea that "if it no one pays attention, so why should I?" Jealousy need to play blood.Men just turned on female beauty.And it does not mean that they are aesthetes and connoisseurs.The thing is that the woman becomes part of the image of man.Beautiful woman is as much a part of successful men like a good car, expensive watches, a prestigious job.No wonder there is a saying: "You want to know what a man - look at his woman."Men by nature leaders, and should constantly feel their superiority over rivals.Thus, seeing that you are interested in other men, and you stay with it, it can also increase the self-esteem and a sense of jealousy with or without cause.

And how to be with a man who is constantly jealous?

first need to look at their behavior, maybe you yourself give your man this is the reason for jealousy (super short skirts, revealing dresses, plunging necklines constantly).Some men are comfortable with such an appearance of his companion, and some just come out of himself.Therefore, still it depends on your behavior in society.If you assess yourself, you still find that you are dissatisfied with your man, you must go through self-control and self-discipline Thrust to harmonize your relationship.Provided, of course, that these relationships you still cherish and wish for their further development.But what if he continues to be jealous for no reason?It is worth pondering, and are you ready to live my whole life with this man all my life to live on their toes and to think about his attitude to this or that your actions, words;Are you ready to be fully under its control?This is certainly extreme, but common.If you need this person, you should fight for it.If he is going through due to the fact that you are late for work, then call and warn him about it, telling him that he is good, emphasize its advantages, say that you are happy with him, initiated him into their plans.But this "fight" should not be one-sided.Talk to your man, he himself must want to change, point to the lack of it, that he will begin to control himself, let him call for help his sanity.When a person realizes that jealousy causes only negative emotions and that response - it is a consequence of his words and actions, then jealous change their behavior and get the desired effect.

How to get rid of jealousy?

completely impossible to get rid of jealousy, but it is necessary to achieve such self-control and endurance in which would not stoop to rudeness and anger.In severe cases, need expert help.VL Levi (MD and psychology) advise couples affected by one spouse of jealousy, jealousy put on stream, making her daily chores, such as mandatory showdown for 20-30 minutes every night.This is not to be repeated, it is necessary to give more and more arguments and confirmed adulterer, do so diverse, inspired and regularly.After a few weeks or months, the process of "jealousy" tired, exhausted reserves of arguments, and jealousy "on duty" does not cause so much emotion and leads to tremendous strife.Understand that easily spoil relations.A via jealous it may be easier to light.

Trust favorite as they trust you to live together for a long and happy life.

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