Relationship // He and she

Men's and women's logic

Male and female logic ... with respect to such as a mathematical logician, professional any fundamental differences in the logic of a man and a woman there.By analyzing the specific situation, they both come to the same conclusions, subject to the same intellectual abilities.The level of intelligence of all men and women are almost identical.

BUT ...

principal difference was formulated by Edward Troyndakom: "Despite the fact that the male and female types are very similar to each other in relation to intelligence, there is one important difference with respect to deviations from the general rule.Highest man standing in any capacity more gifted than a woman, and a deep male type is lower than all women.Therefore, men found more than outstanding minds, but also twice as "idiots."We can say that extreme fluctuations are more pronounced in men than in women, so in the world are so few female geniuses, and there is no complete idiots.Looking at the nature of women and men can be seen that men are always

trying to sort out the details, get to the heart of the matter, while the women look more widely.The man is not able to deal with several things at the same time (try to ask him to simultaneously watch TV and cook dinner), while a woman can do several things at the same time (for the evening after work, and you need to prepare dinner, and wash, talk with a friend, her mother).This feature is related thinking, as it turned out, the fact that men work and perceives information either left brain or right hemisphere of the brain, while the women work at once both hemispheres of the brain.But what is the logic?Logic (al-Greek. Λογική - «the science of right thinking", "art of reasoning." And here begins the TA difference between men and women! Have you ever wondered what its goals are women, and what goalspose in front of a man? For women, it is important the end result, and intermediate targets are not important, so women often find it difficult to formulate them. Men, on the contrary give great value to the goals and objectives that will eventually lead to specific expected results in theturn may change slightly under the influence of various factors. Here is a good example of the differences between female and male logic:


1. Each statement must prove.

2. To refute the claim to prove,why it can not be used in the dispute.

3. The number of examples is irrelevant.The main thing - their probative value.

4. When a dispute can not change the subject of the dispute.

5. Every judgment is either true or false.


1. Adoption accidentally left without objection is granted.

2. In the women's logic, every statement can be not only denied, but rejected, with no explanation.

3. Rights of one who has collected more examples, even if they do not prove anything, and do not apply to the case.

4. To win the argument, you need to try and change the subject.

5. All judgments are divided into true, false, and of no interest.

is believed that female logic - this is the usual manipulative logic, which is used by all the people, its purpose is to confuse the interlocutor, to force him under the influence of emotions admit they were wrong, despite what any arguments.Arguing about the origin of the male and female logic is often said that women appeared them a special type of thinking as a result of physical weakness, because men really had since ancient times to take care of how to kill the mammoth and so on., That is, there was a needanalyze what is happening, to achieve a particular result.But to say that is unique to women only women's logic and man's logic only the men would not be correct.In today's world, people are much less engaged in survival and in a much more committed to carefully defeat boredom.Boredom - a disease of the civilized, wealthy society not engaged in such an all-consuming action of how to survive.Therefore the chances of success for us and for men compared.And technological advances have made the call in many ways.Physical strength is inferior conventional pistols, increasingly accelerating information flow destroys the weak man's system.Men drink too much and crazy more often us.The deteriorating environment is much worse impact on the men and their less than perfect sexual sphere.Mutates men four times more often than women, automatically cutting off a quarter of the male community as an active units.Accordingly, the role of the female population is becoming more visible, women are increasingly seized key positions.Intellectually, we do not lose men.The logical component of our same and no different than men.See how argue boys and girls, their dispute is on an equal footing, and argue they are equally clumsily equally kosyachat logically because it simply as yet untrained.To learn to argue, you have to train to learn how to argue, you have to train to use logic necessary to properly train.And nothing else.

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