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Drawing in the development of the child

kid is born.It begins the most amazing and exciting journey along the road, which is called "life."As a blind kitten, our little man starts to explore the world with all imaginable and unimaginable ways.He wants to learn more about the surrounding reality more and more.He still only smell and feels reliefs different surfaces ...

But time goes, baby grows .He gives all the power to see at least some features of his mother.And he was 3 months.Until that moment, he could only squint, seeing a bright light.At this age, the child begins to stare at objects of interest.From this moment begins a rapid development of the brain .It is through his eyes we get ninety percent of the information about the world.The journey begins ...

Relationship with paints

Vrёmya goes: a baby begins to gradually see more and more colors to recognize familiar faces.The more a child sees a different color and shape of things - the faster and more interesting it develops.It colors as one of the elements of the drawing is t

he most powerful factor in the development of kids .Already 6 months babies can be safely entertain fun games with paints and gouache .Only Check the validity of all the "colorants", and it is desirable that they were intended for the child is your age.

Ingredients paints are not only a natural product, but also made taking into account the factor that the baby can lick them, and even there.Such paints for very young artists called « finger paints ».The only concern is to determine your "area" drawing.The older kid - so it is more flexible, and thus, one large piece of wallpaper is unlikely oboydёshsya.You must send the entire floor oilcloth, in the event of "desertion", the child was not punished.

Rule 1. No way not scold the baby during any developing games, especially - drawing .On it and develop that child wants to try something new: to crawl away, smeared more ...

Getting baby with tassels

kid has had time to study the whole range of colors: wallpaper, "once the" white refrigeratorcurtains, not to mention the floors - all traces of "the study of colors."Your little one has turned one and a half, and he was happy to explore new materials that can continue to "create".Holding in hand a relatively small items such as all kinds of brushes, special sponges to paint, and other items will help develop fine motor skills of your child.He is very fast on the example of retention of the brush to learn to keep the correct spoon, handle a cup ...

But in adulthood develop fine motor skills will help him in all professions related to the concentration of attention : film critic, actor, driver, translator andet al. Wherever you need to listen carefully to watch - even school lessons and lectures are not many seem to your child "super" tedious.Just watch out for the kid when "orudovanii" brush them - quite a dangerous thing: acute and long.

Rule 2. not impose once the correct way to hold.First let he tries to keep the brush, as it is convenient .Quietly, gently guiding his fingers, in 3-4 weeks it will be possible to show how to do it.And yet - let studying.

Introduction to Drawing books

Well, your son or your daughter has grown up entirely: they 2-2.5 years, they are able to keep in the right hand brush, markers, pens ... It is time to accustom to order.After all, not all surfaces can be painted, and not necessarily in the form of any paper (my father's mother's passport or accounting report) - immediately grab it and to paint as soon as work.

The little artist should have their own album , which is (necessarily verify it - is very important for a child) belongs only to him!It was there the kid can dream on any topic and experiment as soon as he pleases.

presence of a very large number of "tools" for the process of drawing toddler learns to be careful, attentive and careful.After pictures - this is his first documents to life.They are even more important its future passport and certificate, it first "splash" and "zagagulina" will be stored in the bedside table of his mother all his life under the "top secret".The first drawings will be very very proud mom and dad.

Rule 3. not pluck leaves from the album failed to "try your wings".Psychologically, the baby learns that life is not always ideal place events, but there will be bugs and unfinished business. teach kids based on drawings sketches attempt fails .

In any case, no matter what the age of the baby not started to draw - let this occupation associate it only with positive emotions.After all, he draws his life! He imagines and draws all that in his mind.It figures are psychological picture of your child .On the basis of them you will easily be able to control the behavior of their child.

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Drawing is the most harmless and developing activities for children! Try to make it as exciting, fun and at the same time very responsible.

Be creative and enjoy with your children !!!

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