Nutrition during breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is not only to provide the baby with all necessary nutrients, but also to strengthen its emotional bond with her mother.It is truly a magical interaction!Moreover, there is nothing more natural ... But we often hear that breastfeeding is associated with a lot of limitations and problems."The main thing is to have a little allergy was not, and did not bother tummy, and I will somehow endure," - says a young mother courageously.Why sometimes even staunch supporters of breastfeeding are preparing themselves for this period, as an ordeal?

dispel the myths!

After birth as soon as possible want to find a good shape.Many women fear that nutrition during lactation significantly harm the figure.It is totally groundless fear, since it is during breastfeeding calories increases from 600 to 1000 kcal to the usual 2000-2500, which prevents weight gain.Long-term (one year) breastfeeding - it's a way of returning prenatal figures provided by nature itself!

Colic in the child - a serious problem, bu

t the cause of abdominal pain in infants is still uncertain.Iethere is no evidence that they appear as a result of improper nutrition nursing mother.

Allergy - "do not eat it, do not eat it."Skin rash kid - he means allergies, then there is a nursing mother can only porridge cooked in water.And not all!No more than a horror story.There are isolated cases, when a child is really very bad.But this is, in fact, rare.Moreover, allergens are not only food - a rash on the soft skin of the baby may be the result of contact with the external environment (for example, the fabric of his clothes).Who said that artificial feeding is less allergenic ?!During breastfeeding should eat the same as during the last trimester.The child has become accustomed to any particular style of food is unwise to deprive him of the usual diet.At first, enough to eliminate the most dangerous products, but you can gradually introduce them as well.

list of junk foods

allergic reactions such as rash (often on schёchkah) and changes in stool can cause the following products:

- citrus fruits (oranges, tangerines, lemons, grapefruits, as well as juices made from these products);

- berries (strawberries, raspberries, possible reactions and jam);

- chocolate and other sweets;

- dairy products (such as cheese and yoghurt mass with different unnatural additives);

- eggs (and, the allergen may be one thing - the yolk or protein).

Bloating and gas in infants can be caused by the use of a nursing mother legumes (beans, peas), cabbage (raw) milk and grapes.

strictly forbidden in feeding alcohol (and beer included), strong coffee and tea, sweet fizzy drinks.

principles of nutrition nursing mother

daily caloric intake nursing mother should be at 700 - 1000 kcal more than usual.

The diet must be present:

- Meat products, fish and poultry - not less than 200 grams per day, preferably boiled or cooked in the form of steam;

- Dairy Products - best: curd (100-150 g), yogurt (to 1 liter per day), cheese (preferably durum, 20-30 g);

- Vegetables - about 500-600 grams per day, with a potato should be no more than 200-250 g;

- Fruit - at least 200-300 g, preference is given to those who grow up in the same region, where he lives a nursing mother;

- Eggs - if there are no signs of an allergy, but caution is needed here: it is recommended to use no more than 1 a day.


important to be able to adjust the power mode by feeding schedule so that the mother had a meal for 20-30 minutes before feeding the baby.This promotes the production of milk.Moreover, it is clear that as a newborn child asks chest at least 5-6 times a day, so my mother, too, will have to go to the fractional mode, but frequent feedings.

Nursing mothers enough to drink 2 liters of fluid a day (including soups, juices and other products).Increasing the volume may create unnecessary strain on the kidneys and the excretory system.The best drink for breastfeeding women are clean water and fresh juices.You can use special teas to increase lactation, but before it is advisable to consult a doctor.

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