Is it acceptable to a vegetarian diet while breastfeeding?

The official medicine is no single views on vegetarianism.Many doctors believe that the complete rejection of animal products is a threat to the body.Is this true?Is a vegetarian diet can not provide the body with all essential nutrients?Especially this question becomes relevant when the scales health of the child.During pregnancy and lactation vegetarian women mostly for hedging are introduced into the diet products of animal origin.

which way the wind blows?

vegetarian diet is extremely disadvantageous to producers Cape and its products.Therefore, active promotion of vegetarianism harm has largely commercial orientation.We just make believe that it is necessary for the health of eating meat.But what are the facts?It is proved that vegetarian foods contain more biological energy than meat.In the middle of the last century, scientists have classified the proteins in the "first" (meat) and "second" (vegetable) class.Now, however, this view is completely disproved, recent studies have shown that pl

ant proteins are not less effective and nutritious than meat.

Take the numbers and dispel myths

protein content of vegetarian products ranges from 10-12% (in cereals) and 40% (in soybeans), which is twice as much as in meat.For example, lean steak contains only part of the 20% of digestible protein.30% of the protein found in nuts, seeds and legumes.We will understand more: the proteins needed by the body composed of eight "essential" amino acids.Often, extolling the nutritional value of meat, say that it is in these amino acids it contains all the right and in the best proportions.But the meat, in this respect, is not the only "perfect" product.Thus, for example, soybean milk and also contain all eight essential amino acids in the ideal proportions.

Besides, a vegetarian diet, required body proteins can be obtained by simple combination of several products.This method of increasing the nutritional quality of the food has been known since ancient times, it was reflected in the traditional cuisine of China, Japan and India.For example, widely known combination of rice and beans or tofu.

Vegetarianism and breastfeeding

question: "Can a mother-vegetarian observe your diet while breastfeeding?" Is unequivocally in the affirmative.Yes, it is possible!There is even a certain advantage, becausemilk-vegetarian mothers contains much less environmental pollution, the main sources of which are precisely animal fats and meat products.

However, in our country, which is quite long winter makes it difficult to obtain high-quality vegetarian products, must be approached with the utmost seriousness to the compilation of the diet.

Here are the main recommendations for nursing mothers:

- need to increase the intake of legumes and cereals;

- it is desirable to use whole grains;

- the required amount of fat is best obtained from vegetable oils are suitable for this unrefined olive, corn and almond oil;

- need to be concerned about getting from plant foods vitamin B12 (it is necessary the development of the nervous system of the child), for this food drive in sea kale, spinach, lettuce and other foods rich in this vitamin.Due to the importance of B12 advisable to go to the feeding period from strict vegetarianism to laktovegetarianstvo - low-fat milk and cheeses (especially Camembert) make up deffitsit this vitamin;

- another vital B vitamins riboflavin is (B2) - the lack of it greatly affects the general condition of the body, leading to weakness, dizziness, damage to the mucous membranes, etc.B2 is almost no in vegetarian products in small quantities it is synthesized in the human gut.If veganism it can get by eating oatmeal, buckwheat and mushrooms (for the period of feeding required to combine with a vitamin complex).When laktoovovegetarianstve his sources are milk and eggs;

- eating seaweed and iodized salt to prevent iodine deficiency allows, which can develop - including - and as a result of the use of large amounts of soy products;

- it is equally important to prevent iron deficiency - it must be present in the diet of buckwheat, red beans, lentils and dried fruits;

- calcium deficiency can make up for the expense of the use of such plant foods as almonds, hazelnuts and other nuts (peanut better to exclude because of its allergenicity), parsley, dill, sesame, grapes and raisins, cabbage, spinach, lettuce, carrots,beets, legumes (including soy products), apricots, peaches, pumpkins.


The above tips will help build your diet lactating mothers who adhere to a vegetarian diet.It should be noted that in all cultures, food restrictions were removed from travelers, the sick, as well as pregnant women and nursing mothers.Therefore, the deterioration of general condition, it is possible to rethink their views and for the time to pass on the traditional diet.However, there is no objective prerequisites to ensure that any problem must arise.

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