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Hygiene Voice

Our voice is closely associated with the entire system of the body.The singing part number sore muscles as the respiratory system, and most of the larynx and the wrong way of life a voice machine can fail.The body should function as efficiently as possible and must be maintained in good physical shape in order not to harm the singing to his unit.

Occupation vocals, as is known, requires a lot of energy, so before the lesson or speech necessary to eat, the body does not have to be hungry, but overeating is also not necessary.Be sure to employment should be a good sleep - it additional strength and a voice device is very sensitive organ.Bundles must rest at night, they, like all the body needs to recover.

During singing lessons can drink plain water.If you are used to quench their thirst with tea it is better to drink green tea or white.Although any tea dries a little bundle.And one point, tea should not be sweet.Sweet Hour is not closing chords.There is another sensitive issue, which usually do not

say out loud.Women during menstruation for three days can not be engaged in singing as mucosal blood rush, ligaments thicken, and a good job in the classroom just did not happen.And all things can end badly: the formation of nodes on cords or bleeding in the larynx.

If you suddenly get sick, you have a sore throat or runny nose, it is necessary to wait for a full recovery, the ligaments in such a state are subject to the additional load, and it is traumatic.The same goes for singing in an intoxicated state.

necessary to abandon such habits as smoking.The negative impact on the body of the addiction we all know: the chemicals deposited on the ligaments, dried them, fold the edge of the ligaments, difficult vibration.Besides inahodyaschiysya should not smoke near you.

novice enough to engage in forty-five minutes a day.Advanced students will not damage employment in the amount of one and a half hours.Voice must be protected, bundles must be restored.You should also refrain from eating certain foods such as nuts, seeds, biscuits.Small food particles cause sore throat, it interferes with work.

Hygiene voice is very important, because of the condition of the body depends on the quality of the sound, its completeness, strength, beauty.If you have seriously decided to study singing, it is the rules that are given in the article, should definitely help.Next time we'll talk about in-register penie.Tema very important and difficult, but we will try, be sure to understand it and it will be another step on the way to the vocal art.

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