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Golden rules of behavior in stressful situations

stressful situations and stress

Stress - a reaction to mental stress caused by extreme (or stressful) situation mobilizes the defense mechanisms.In everyday understanding under stress involve themselves psychological, mental, physical activity, leading to strong internal tensions.Stress resistance - a body's ability to cope with these overloads, stress in itself can be developed.The consequences of stress are of two types: eustress (nice stress, for example, the experience of the bride during the wedding ceremony or waiting for their child's birthday) and distress (negative impact of unpleasant experiences).Even a nice stress can lead to negative consequences, remember the Queen of Pushkin's fairy tales: "admiration and not laid to mass die."Promotion, reconciliation after a quarrel with her husband, and even summer holidays, during which a person is deprived of the usual need to constantly do something, can be a stressful situation.But most of all the trouble it brings distress.The list of negative

consequences of limiting the concentration of stress hormones is huge: from the degeneration of brain cells to cancer.Exclude stressful situations from your life is impossible, but you can learn to manage such situations and the right to build a line of conduct.

coping strategies as a way of dealing with stress

Recently, more and more distributed coping - this specific behavioral strategies to be followed in certain situations to withstand stress.Methods of psychological defense or coping strategies and their application are taught in special training, recently practiced by large companies training their employees stress methods of confrontation.What are these strategies?What are their advantages and disadvantages?

coping strategies

first strategy .It is the formation of aggressive attitudes towards difficult situations.Stressful situations should be seen as an invasion of the enemy army in their lives, and the army must be defeated or destroyed.This strategy works well when a stressful situation creates a person or group of persons.For example, in cases mobinga - office bullying.In this case, the energy will have a clear direction and strategy will work most effectively.

Cons: people whose behavior is built on a strategy of aggression risked himself "overreact" and become a victim of the tyrant.In addition, when the situation is not clear personification of confrontation turns into a fight with the windmills, which exhausts and increases stress.

second strategy - removing the problem or distakntsionirovanie.The situation should be viewed as if through the glass as if viewing films.This approach is very effective when dealing with the psychological vampirism.Stepping back, we cease to react to the vampire as a real object, and thus deprive it of energy supply in the form of our reactions and responses.

Minus: this strategy can not be used as a reaction such as illness or their own loved ones, financial difficulties, etc.

third strategy - self-control, tough and comprehensive.Any spontaneous manifestations of nature or careless actions are excluded.Skill of total self-control is invaluable in cases of force majeure, from the financial collapse of the company to natural disasters.It works effectively in quarrels and emotional debate, the one who has a clear head and balanced judgment has a distinct advantage.

Cons: using self is hard to resist the onslaught of aggressive opponent;permanent suppression of his emotions and provoke problems in the psycho-emotional sphere.

fourth strategy. social strategy, the search for allies recourse to other people.Remember the movie "Ocean's Eleven"?Here's an example of a brilliant implementation of social strategies to deal with difficult life issues (after the hero before the task was not only to rob a casino, but also to return the woman he loves!).Therapy helps the society to cope with the strong shock or grief, such as a divorce or death of a loved one.

Minus: can not be used all the time, because in everyday life has become a simple shifting of their problems on someone else's shoulders ..

fifth strategy. strategy of taking responsibility.With modern society skills of infantile behavior strategy will be useful to almost every second.This path taught to take a mature, informed decisions, to admit their mistakes and analyze them to recover from their experience.

Less only one constant sense of responsibility for everyone and everything - incredible pressure, which does not sustain everyone's strength.This is a direct way to the development of neuroses and depression.

six strategies.Planned solution.In any situation, it produces a clear plan of action, it creates a sense of control over the problem.

Less is that quite often the problem is beyond the capacity of control.

Seventh strategy - it is a strategy of positive thinking.All that is done, all the better.Any trouble can be understood in a positive way, to find a higher meaning in it and the potential for new opportunities.

Cons the eve of the catastrophe we must not resign ourselves and look for positive trends, but at least try to prevent it.

In a pinch, you can always use against stress method ostrich - head in the sand and in every sense to step back from the problem.But it is an option in every respect extreme, when the forces of everything else is gone.Thus, coping is a lot of options confrontation stressful situation, but most effectively allows them to master the psychological training of the group.

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General recommendations

But even without special training is "golden" rules that will "survive" in a stressful situation.

  1. Imagine that you are surrounded by an impenetrable shell, the aura that does not let negativity directed at you.Try to look at the problem as if from the outside.
  2. Be objective, do not let emotions get the better of you.We often tend to over-dramatization that stress is unnecessary.
  3. In the case of aggression directed at you try to "knock down" the passions unexpected techniques.For example, ask about something which has no relation to the case.If the stress is not related to interpersonal interaction, and is entirely external reasons, do not fix your mind only on the traumatic thoughts.Wash "switch", even if it will only give temporary relief, it would be a serious victory.Stress builds up when we concentrate on it all your attention.
  4. not fall into pessimism.You can always do something.Try to find ways out of difficult situation, calculated options, consider the solution in the most clear way.
  5. Try not to run a stressful situation - it will only lead to an accumulation of stress.Solve problems as they come, do not delay indefinitely, but do not worry about what has not happened.
  6. should not forget about ways to relieve stress, such as exercise and yoga, massage, relaxation, restful sleep, auditory training, and more.
  7. Try to develop a sense of humor and positive thinking - and then stress and depression, you will bypass the party.