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Why depression "attacks" on the women?

Depression - an epidemic that gripped modern humanity.According to the World Health Organization is a breakdown in the first place in the world among the causes of absence from work due to the disability.

women develop depression twice as often as men.At first glance, this fact is puzzling.Why women are more prone to depression?After all, men also suffer, experiencing the loss of loved ones, divorce, scandal, stress, conflicts and problems in the professional sphere.Why is depression "attacks" on women more often?What is the reason?

There are objective reasons that are rooted primarily in the features of the female physiology.


a role in why women are more prone to depression plays a special hormones.It is our duty hormones mood swings during the premenstrual period.It is women, so-called reproductive age - from 20 to 40 are most often victims of depression and other neurological disorders.

Critical days

What is premenstrual syndrome (PMS) Many of us know firsthand, but in our cou

ntry is not accepted in this regard to seek medical help.Yes, this is a temporary condition that goes with the onset of menstruation, but the effects of PMS seriously affect the health.Switch trigger depression in women during PMS is hesitation, the concentration and interaction of sex hormones (such as estrogen).In 50% of women experiencing a pronounced premenstrual syndrome, appetite increases dramatically.This results in rapid weight gain - from 1.5 to 2 kg.This adversely affects the psyche: increases irritation causing a feeling of dissatisfaction.Increased appetite menstrual period - it is physiologically conditioned and quite normal.He may be accompanied by symptoms such as palpitations, dizziness, sweating, weakness, problems in the intestines.There are special drugs that allow smooth or completely remove the negative symptoms of PMS, but most women put up with the psychological discomfort and malaise, considering them unavoidable, and just wait until everything goes by itself.

Pregnancy and childbirth

Maternity important part of a woman's life.But for the organism pregnancy and childbirth - is, first of all, stress.Pregnancy - is a very difficult period, during which the female body is experiencing a heavy load (in particular, the concentration of the hormones estrogen and progesterone reaches its maximum physiological values).A birth of their psycho-emotional effects of physical activity and comparable only to that of the flight into space.Such passions could lead to prenatal or postnatal depression.Prenatal depression occurs when a pregnancy is on the background of the unfavorable situation in the family, or is associated with complications, such as severe toxicity.Postpartum depression is more common and represents a great danger.The concentration of hormones decreases dramatically, it becomes stressful for the female body.In addition, after the birth a woman requires rest and caring family.She needed to quickly restore power after birth, to cope with the care of the baby.But often the physiological process adds the emotional factor: changes in the shape dissatisfaction with the lack of time for themselves, feeling frazzled and helplessness haunted at every turn.And if we care for the child is given with great difficulty, I involuntarily thought creeps in: "I - a bad mother.What is wrong with me? "ItpIf a woman takes care of the ill child, and in the behavior of aggression appear, seek professional help.

depression and menopause

Probably one of the most difficult periods in the life of women is menopause.This condition is both normal and disease.This biologically-mediated natural phenomenon, but at the same time, prolonged interruptions in the work of all body systems observed in this period, leading to a sharp decrease in vitality, immune abilities affect the psycho-emotional state.Not surprisingly, women aged 45-50 years, often fall into a depression of varying severity.

Depression and family

status is also one of the factors predisposing to depression.First of all, it is connected with the plants that we receive in childhood.After all, the majority of fairy tales and cartoons, books and films prepared by the girls that love - this is the most important and wonderful thing that there is in life.If an adult woman for some reason unhappy in love or existing relationships sharply at odds with the expectations of it, may develop severe depression.According to research by American scientists in the unhappy marriage of women experience depression more often than men with the same problem, but even unmarried women.Hence the paradoxical conclusion that marriage is one of the stress factors.Direct path to stress and depression - domestic violence and low level of well-being, especially in the presence of children.

Even very successful in the professional field, but single or childless women may also be depressed, if for the sake of career they are forced to suppress or to abandon their internal systems.In fact, in our society it operates age requirement for marriage - up to 25 years for procreation - to 30. Most women do not realize this program, start to feel failed in life.This creates prerequisites for the development of depression and nervous disorders.

Depressive profession

According to the research, conducted among 60 thousand working people, it found that depression often suffer representatives traditionally "female" occupations.Nurses and teachers (11%), food service workers (10%), nurses caring for elderly and sick (10%), doctors (9%).Unemployed persons, including housewives, are also very susceptible to depression.


One of the reasons why women are stressed to a greater extent than men is an emotional mobility of the weaker sex.Studying the emotional reaction to stress women scientists have come to the conclusion that the majority of women stressful situations can affect the memory and, as a consequence, professional quality, which in turn creates the preconditions for the development of depression.

Finally, spend a little test

- I feel a constant anxiety, I feel depressed and devastated.

- I am completely indifferent to any activity, including sex.

- I'm irritable and tearful

- I am haunted by the feeling of guilt, hopelessness, worthlessness and helplessness.

- I'm a pessimist

- I keep enough sleep / sleep too much

- I have absolutely no appetite / constant hunger

- I constantly feel tired, I have a bad reaction, confusion

- I visited suicidal thoughts

- I find it hard to concentrate, remember new information

- I have constant ailments (eg, headaches, gastrointestinal disturbances, heart palpitations).

If you agree with the four of the above positions, most likely you develop depression.There are methods to fight depression alone (see. How to deal with depression? There is a way! ).However, it should be noted that in some cases, depressive disorders may occur particularly difficult and require professional treatment.

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