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Creativity helps to love yourself

We all need love, because love is the meaning of life.We want to be loved, respected, and to care.But before you expect from someone of love, to desire to receive kindness and compassion, it is worth considering - and we give we love?This is a very important question, and it begins with self-love.A man who can not love yourself, can not truly love others.On the other hand, a man always loses the love of others: if he himself does not like, as it can make others?If you do not have enough love, this article - for you.In it, we'll talk about how our creative nature helps to open the heart and show love living in it.

Each of us - the creator

Creativity - is the fresh air and sunshine for your soul. Being a creative person - not to be a famous artist or a recognized poet.Each of us - the creator , and our ability to manifest not only in trade but also in everyday details. creative thought - is to notice and appreciate the extraordinary in the ordinary : enjoy the morning chirping of the birds, smile s

unbeam, skolznuvshemu cheek, to see a full-blown flower bud, feel how life flows under the bark of the birch trunk.Being a creative person - akin to realize surprising.If you want to leave the room favorite, not suitable for the style of the lamp, leave.If you like to wear strange clothes, wear, because it makes you happy.Stop trying to be someone else and not herself.If you are filled with love, when you write, draw, sew or sing, let me deal with this.Kill their dreams for the opinions of relatives, friends and acquaintances - means to show a dislike to him, to deprive themselves of faith in their own strength, to betray his divine essence.

develop their creativity, guided by love

Our creativity - a gift from above.Expanding and building it, we give back, give the world a part of yourself.This is true love - through the love of self, awareness of its higher principle, to fulfill its mission and to show love to the outside.Let yourself levity against the accepted stereotypes and norms.If you think that seek money and prestige, depriving themselves of the opportunity to create and reveal their soul, silly, brave to admit it.When full of well-intentioned parents force you to get married, get a job unloved, show firmness and your work will save us from misunderstanding and helps to calm down.

To work brings joy and always remind you of who you are, take for him Area (on the window sill or on a bedside table, for example).Put to the things that bring you clean, sincere joy stones, books, flowers, candles, seashells (all that touches the soul and reminds you of your creative beginning).Dedicate yourself time and spends little useful rituals.Surrounds himself with the smell of incense when writing or reading a picture book include sacred music, when you meditate, sing mantras, purifying themselves of their healing sounds, lights a candle when you dream.In general, invent, create and love Manual .

Creative Activity on the disclosure of self-love

Right now do one very important task for the development of creative self-love.Open your blog creativity (if you do not already have it, head) and write sentences about thirty, What would you do if truly loved yourself : What you were, what would be involved in that would be experienced.Lists everything that comes into your head.Do not limit yourself fantasize, to dream and allow yourself the most daring ideas!

That's what my friend wrote, when I invited her to perform this task:

  • If I truly love myself, I would go every night in the birch forest, to breathe fresh air, inspired by the peace and quiet of nature, talking to trees andI feed the birds.
  • If I truly love myself, I would have chased away evil and angry thoughts from his head and wished everyone would just good and health.
  • If I truly love myself, I would have forgiven myself for what was once allowed to deal with a rude and cruel.
  • If I truly love myself, I would have every weekend invent some new recipe useful and amazingly delicious food and fed it to his body.
  • If I truly love myself, I would wake up every morning with a smile on his face and confessed his love to his inner child who is waiting for the support and attention.
  • If I truly love myself, I have a recording of their songs, and would find a way for people to show their creativity, even just handing out discs in the street.
  • If I truly love myself, I have often painted, handing the paper everything that happens in my soul.

And so on.

When you write thirty such statements, give myself to it every day for the next thirty days to choose one item from a list (in no particular order, you're creative and free people), and implement it.Let this be a fascinating game , and in the early days you choose the easiest task, but after a few days here this creative expression of his inner being you will certainly enjoy this unusual journey.You will feel like in response to the care of yourself, change your sense of life, and the flower of love within you is revealed .

Allow yourself to love

Give yourself the right to live a full life.Let me express itself through creation and liberation of their creative nature.Be yourself.Just live in the present and know that you are beautiful.You are worthy of love.So it is.

about other methods of opening your heart to love, read the article How to love yourself, How to love yourself: the method of personal prayer.

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