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Spring mood - medication for depression

should begin with the head.Your consciousness is the first to be subjected to reboot.If you notice at a bad mood, you felt sad, you feel tired and all this is more than 2 weeks, it's time to get up.Time to collect stones, the winter has passed, and prepare the body to the new time years- and not so easy to do.To somehow tune in for an upgrade, remember that you are at one and the clock not turn.Pripugnite a little threatened afford their jeans last year, in which you climbed or wearing a swimsuit, it always works.It's time to catch the wave of spring mood, which will help to return to the ranks of the self-confident women.

Spring mood as a way to deal with the surging depression is very good.Perhaps this is the only way to conquer your mind, which is not yet aware of the obvious natural and life changes.A spring - time of metamorphosis: changing seasons, the processes in the body and the world, if you like, too, are different.

therefore important not raskisnut and will gather into a fist and star

t to work on all the "spring package" of services for itself.But spring mood - it's not just a phrase, it's hard work and ruthless. Spring mood - the amount of the necessary procedures that will gradually withdraw you from the state of hibernation.Perform them in any order, as long as it was interesting and enjoyable. begin combat all winter issues need to advance.So the first thing you need to do - go on a diet, if necessary (the right to choose for themselves in the heading Weight Loss), and tune in to ease.Next, you need to surround yourself with a variety of amenities.


All you need - is light and aromatic scents liked.A lot of them, here are some suitable just for spring: almond, ylang - ylang, patchouli, cedar, bergamot, lemon, geranium, rosemary, grapefruit, rose .You can use them as you wish: to strengthen the hair, of inhalation.Can they humidify the air applied to the small pore stones, use aromatic medallions.

Just remember some contraindications.We do not recommend the use of aromatherapy:

  • infants, the elderly, pregnant women
  • In asthma
  • not take oil with the registered side effects, as well as received from untrusted sources and unknown quality

Sport, walking

Unlessstarted, start!It's time!Throw in any place of your city, the best place where not yet, but I have wanted to get.And take the player with an excellent spring music.It is possible that in such a romantic setting your mind comes a lot of interesting ideas, for example, will begin to write poetry, or want to completely change the image.Do not be afraid of the desires of spring, do it!Exercising, even if the husband is squint and make fun of you.As for sports, go to Exercise category and load a lot of interesting find for themselves and their muscles.

Color Therapy

One of the enjoyable experience - surround yourself with your favorite colors, and do the same at work, too.

First, surround yourself with plants, they will inspire you, fill with serenity and courage.Secondly, Bring in your diet colored food: bright ofoschi and fruits will delight you with nothing less than the flowers.And thirdly, change clothes for a cheerful and suitably, that is spring.


Pay special attention to musical accompaniment of his day.Music - a universal antidepressant of all time.Fill your mind with something both soothing and invigorating.Dial associative songs that remind you, for example, about his experiences on vacation.Let you in the morning on the way to work is a great mood, positive charge and positive setup.They are, incidentally, should accompany us during all seasons.After all, in the course of the survey, which was conducted among the richest and most successful people, it turned out - the only thing that unites them - the positive psychological setting.With its help, they have been successful.

As one intelligent gentleman - an American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson: "The World Gives Way to a man who knows where he is going."So mark the currently aims and objectives, be bold in their desires, spring will make you better, smarter, more attractive, younger.Force yourself to fall in love with this world, to be what it is.And remember, you need a head start, not only about your thoughts need to take care always. And, indeed, this is a topic for another article.Good luck!

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