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Tips and tricks stores

While frost has not pinching cheeks, but the New Year is on the way.And let the snow we are only dreaming, but almost all the pre-holiday mood.Gradually, various people begin to look closely to the present, be tasty menu, read the horoscope for 2012.

And in all this turmoil we forget that we are looking at the price.More precisely, the people who set them.It's not a secret that it was the holidays bring traders the most revenue.People in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season are busy with only one concern: more buy to all at all enough.So, unfortunately, in a fit of excitement consumers do not always look at the quality of the goods, check the expiration date, or full functionality.

On the eve of major holidays many shops are full of bright colors "SALE".This process involves both popular food supermarket chain for customers from all social strata, and elite clothing boutiques.The numbers of 15%, 30%, 50% discount is the visual trap for consumers.But it's a great marketing "hook" for the buye

r!He is like a butterfly, with anticipation of flying in spreading the shop door.Unfortunately, this is completely drowned out by the internal voice.

¬ędeceive you" - solid intuition.More often than not, it's true!The holiday is not all stores care about their reputation.Therefore, the attraction of new customers does not mean "hold their quality products."Thoughts on the profit of some sellers are responsible for the search fraudulent methods to obtain profits.

It is worth considering the most common known "tricks" that are accessed shops:

  • word "SALE" with attached thereto ephemeral figures.Sometimes it's not exactly cheating.You can compare prices with those that have been a couple of days or a week ago - will be what is really going off.But!A month or two before the cost of the same goods was much lower than for sale.Very popular mechanism: first, to raise prices, "upside down", and then arrange them "drop in."Pleased, but to deceive the buyer brings a good profit owners of such stores.
  • Known trick - a "take one, get one free."There must be "twice to be alert."Firstly, when it comes to food - be sure to check the expiration date.It may be hiding in the cause of the rapid sell-off.Your health is more valuable than an imaginary economy.And secondly, can act previous scheme: the unreasonably high price to then paid off the action "two for the price of one."Third, this scheme is used for "stale" product.Think before buying: is it really in the economy need this product or just a very tempting price?
  • Packaging products - a topic for fraud.Packaging can increase the weight in the purchase of 20-30 May, for you this is not essential, but when thousands of buyers to pay for the "extra" programs, has produced other figures ... In addition, there is a risk of delayed acquisition of goods.It is no secret that the fresh meat is sold to the weighted windows.Then, during the day if no one will buy, are sent to the packing and moving to a rack.The date of production at the same time can provide any, profitable store.The temperature of the open windows can be up to 10.Should I explain what happens to meat when it is 2-3 days will lie in this temperature?But it's not just meat products.Look closely at the conditions in which are stored dairy products, sweets, pastries and cakes.Do they correspond to the recommendations on the package?
  • Marinated products - a meaningful occasion to reflect.Meat for barbecue skewers often is uncharacteristic odor.That's why he and Marina, and sprinkled with herbs and pour sauce.Sometimes it does not care about people, and the desire to get rid of "stale" meat.and certainly no because he cared about people, about their free time spent on marinating, on the planning of the action.Here everything is ready, I escaped from work, drove to the supermarket to 20.00 already feast began.
  • All packages, which bear the cost and weight, it is better to outweigh the electronic scales.You may be surprised, but said the actual weight and often do not coincide.This includes not only food, pre-packaged in the shop, but packed in the enterprise.

Unfortunately, the ways to cheat buyers - countless.To list them all, you will need too much time.Perhaps the low salaries of inspection bodies are the cause of corruption and "close eye" on what is happening in the stores.

In the hectic preparation for the holiday, be vigilant.Hope to stay in the win is only in your hands.

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