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How to choose a vocal coach?

to this question must be approached with the understanding that it is not always a good singer can be a good teacher.Therefore, even a good education, diplomas, participation in prestigious competitions makes no guarantees that you find a good teacher.It gives much so-called "word of mouth" - this is the best recommendation. \

Even if you do not understand anything in the theory of teaching vocal art, after a few lessons we can understand that the teacher is right for you or not.

The first thing I would like to note - this is something that you are comfortable in the classroom.The psychological situation is calm and friendly, the atmosphere of trust.

Another important aspect from the first day it is necessary to observe hygiene and this voice you must tell the teacher.

Vocals is not a sport.There is no need to set records.Therefore, as soon as the teacher I felt that you were tired he would take a break and relax offer.

During the study, we try to implement all the recommendations of the teac

her, but there are few signs that the study is not as we would like.When the exercise is not enough attention to proper breathing belly, the student does not explain what to do each exercise, physical terminals are not eliminated.All this leads to disruption of the voice.Sometimes, we spend a few months to master a certain technique of singing, but there is no progress in the work, then we can say that you have no contact with the teacher.After all, if the teacher does not feel you, then no progress in the work can not be considered.Your teacher says you nowhere capable of vocal career, it is extremely outrageous and professionally, we are by nature able to sing.Talk to other students what they are doing well, if they have any progress in learning what pleases them and what upsets in the classroom with the teacher.

When singing lessons are feeling that the voice sounds a bit strange, is not familiar to you.Special exercises teacher achieves a certain sound, and the development of your vocal apparatus.

With proper breathing, persistent classes is not always possible to put a high note.On average, the novice singer vocal range of an octave and a half and the continuation of the work, it increases the tone of a year.Gradually, your voice will get stronger and learn how to hold support, to open the dome, set a high position and then take the high note it will be much easier.

Many people think that the best vocal coach life can only teacher with extensive experience in academic work.I would like to disagree with this opinion.The young teacher tries different approaches, schools fixate on less than a narrow focus in the organization of its work.

Today we have considered such an important topic, how to choose a vocal coach.I think that my recommendations will help you with this.The next time you talk about hygiene votes, a very important component especially for the novice singer.

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