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In the New Year with children, create a fairy tale for the child

Winter came, and all honest people to look forward to celebrating the New Year.Air beckons its freshness and the smell of mandarin recalls that sometimes wishes do come true.

so happened that in the post-New Year is considered a major winter holiday.In Western Europe and America more important Christmas and New Year only closes the festive week.

The majority of people consider New Year family holiday.However, the broad Russian soul is always happy and friends sitting with them at the table that night.Western influences have begun the New Year to all possible tours and hikes in the restaurant.And the popularity of corporate celebrations and can not speak!After all, almost every self-respecting company will surely make for a corporate event in late December.

Adult open many options for New Year celebrations.But what about our children?They are always dependent on their parents.For a child this holiday a "magical, alluring and fabulous" than adults.Children are looking forward with great gifts, spe

cial holiday table, the appearance of Santa Claus.

Since you have decided on a child, you should take into account its opinion in preparation for the holiday.Of course, many parents can tell it.For example, how to decorate the room, how to help in the kitchen, how to dress the Christmas tree.Legacy can share practical advice on what to do with the child in the pre-holiday bustle:

  • Making New Year dishes. You are free to wash and chop fresh herbs, if the baby only 2-3 years.Slightly older children may be asked to wash your fruits, herbs, rinse festive tableware.Then the child is entrusted to decorate with greens salad, decorate with sprigs of parsley sandwiches, sprinkle with grated cheese slices of meat.
  • festive table decoration .Emphasize all that serving - is an important and no less important than the delicious prepared meals.Give a stack of napkins and specify what to do with them.Prepare the required amount of cutlery and more children cope themselves.
  • sample some dishes .Quite often it happens that one of the meatballs "fall apart" or crab sticks would be "superfluous."Why endure to fight chimes if you can feel the festive spirit is still at lunch?
  • create drawings for Santa Claus .This is a great opportunity to draw a welcome gift, a house in the woods, beloved parents, or even an abstract picture.You can do applique or to put a figure from the mosaic.Most importantly - the child will stay close to his mother in the kitchen, and not interfere with it at the same time.
  • Cut snowflakes .It is a fascinating process, is not it?Packaging is a bit conventional napkins.And if the baby is already confidently wielded the scissors, it's time to show him the basics of creating snowflakes.

The holiday is usually planned, depending on how old your child:

  • until the baby is accomplished 3-4 years , best not to leave it on the night celebrating.Gala dinner by candlelight he will appreciate much more than sleeping under the tree.In addition, the evening all together Children can drink champagne (in regular soda) or juice.After putting the baby to sleep, you can proceed to the "adult" part of the feast.
  • close family company assumes friendly competitions in which wins all appreciated.New Year's Eve should come up with something that is best remembered for the next year.This may be an armful sparklers and firecrackers, streamers and amazing.It is also recommended to make a wish list of what we would like from the New Year.
  • noisy group of friends with kids becomes the signal for a thorough preparation.It would be appropriate costumes of bright colors.In adults able to create a fairy tale in which everyone can feel like a hero.Think in advance a series of outdoor games with candy prizes at the end.Remember the dance!Even if the tree stands in the corner, one of the guys will be able to e portray.

What a celebration without Santa Claus?If possible, invite a friend in a suit.Or let her husband take on an important role in this magical night.If you do not create a story to your child, then who will?

Happy New Year 2012 for you!

Especially for LadySpecial - Katbula

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