How to do daily?

Many people believe that the daily wage should be the only one who has his own business.This is actually a misconception.The daily must lead every person who wants to to achieve something in the future ."As a daily can facilitate this ?!" - You ask.Below article will answer this question and give advice on, how to conduct daily.

Why keep diary?

  • Firstly, having a diary, you do not need to memorize a lot of information, do not try to keep everything in my head.All the information will be recorded in the diary.
  • Diary you will always be able to recall the forthcoming important events , which you may have forgotten, not having it.
  • Diary will help you to organize your time to paint your day.It often takes time nowhere.With a diary, you can perform more cases per day than it did before.
  • Leading daily, you will always be able to review your past and future activities, without trying to remember certain information.

  • already proven that driving diary, people can quickly achieve the desired ob
    jectives, rather than those who do not keep the diary.
  • Having daily, you'll always keep before our eyes the goals and objectives that are in front of you. But sometimes we forget about it!
  • Diary will help you avoid many unpleasant situations.For example, the boss something to ask you to make a certain number.With the diary, you brought back the information, and you can be sure you will not forget about it.And if you do not have the diary, you can get in a very awkward situation.

How better to diary?

  • Buy a diary so that you will really like.You have to take it in hand with pleasure.Best of all, that it was a paper in a beautiful cover.Electronic diary - not very handy thing, because you will not be able to make a mark at any time.You should not start a daily exercise book - buy a real diary.

  • never charge filling your datebook anyone else.Always do it yourself.In the end, it takes you no more than fifteen minutes.
  • make a beautiful piece of cardboard that will serve your goals to two.Firstly, it will play the role of favorites in your diary.And, secondly, you write on it their main goals and plans for the year.Opening the diary every day, you will constantly have before your eyes the goal.
  • best time to fill in the diary - the evening before bedtime.First, you anywhere especially not in a hurry, and secondly, you can calmly analyze the previous day.And, thirdly, a plan Affairs tomorrow.
  • News daily in two ways. you can write every day, only those things that you need to do, such as go to the store, to pay the rent.Can you paint a full day, including lifting, dinner and entertainment.

  • Take in the diary several separate sheets on which you write down your big plans for the week, month, year or even five years!And when the diary over a year, you can see how you have progressed in solving your problems.And the next day planner you move had the information that such a thing is half completed.
  • coined to refer to himself in the affairs of your diary.For example, a new task, you can mark a blank circle.When you set about this task, circle crossed out.When the goal is made half paint the half circles is fulfilled completely - paint over the entire range.The crossed two lines of the circle - the task was canceled.An exclamation mark in a circle - top priority.The point in the circle - a task that requires constant attention.You can use this notation, or you can come up with your own.
  • If so you will be more convenient, you can break the long-term objectives in the categories - family, finances, study.
  • In most notebooks on the same sheet there are lines, which indicated a specific time.And there are lines, without specifying the time.You can write on the first of the tasks to be performed accurately in time, and in the empty lines - things that are not tied to a specific time.
  • Put specific tasks and business .Let your listings will be more specific.For example, it is not necessary to write in the annual "increase revenue", write "to increase revenue by 25%»
  • Global tasks always divide into several smaller tasks.Do not write in the plan for the day: "Take renovated bathroom," because tomorrow you have not done, and we can assume that it is not fulfilled.Write a specific goal - to paint the ceiling in the bathroom, tiled floor in the bathroom.
  • If most of your day passes for the same type of scenario, you can fill in the diary once a week.But, nevertheless, it is not necessary to do so.Because if you make a plan for each day, you have more possibilities to adjust the plan.

  • Every morning before going to work, check your calendar, look at what goals you have for today.Tune in to perform tasks.
  • Always carry with them daily, otherwise there is no need.You should always be able to see what you have planned for the day, week or even month.
  • perform tasks on the basis of priority.After completing the most important plans in the first half of the day, you will feel an inner lift and a feeling of comfort.
  • Those businesses that are global for you, and that you have painted in a separate list should be divided into stages.That means you set a goal, think through the steps you'll go to the purpose and plan at least one thing a day that will bring you closer to the fulfillment of the main task.Such a task You mark a bright color to make it stand out from the rest.
  • Reward yourself.Looking diary every night, mark made things a marker, put a tick next to them, plus sign, a word, everything.And if you have not coped with the performance of any task, be sure to make a note, why it happened.You can be honest, this is your diary.
  • Put clear, specific goals, objectives and plans.As much as possible fleshing information recorded in the diary.

  • Each month through the information over time.Carefully review what tasks were performed immediately, which was not completed on time, and which were not fulfilled at all.Review your notes, why you have not coped with a particular task, how can I fix it?
  • At the end of the day can be written in the diary interesting idea that came to mind during the day.It may be useful to remind of past situations.
  • evaluate objectively the abilities and the fact that the day twenty-four hours.Do not plan on one day too many tasks.You still can not cope with them, a fact that will oppress you.The same applies to the planning for a long time.Calculate how much time you take to complete a given task.

Leading daily and carefully planning each day, you will loose a lot of time for themselves, which can be used with advantage for itself.Also, do not forget that all successful people have daily.And if you want to be one of them, you absolutely must get them.

planning Good luck!

Especially for LadySpecial . ru - Vitalina

November 30, 2013 22:11
Personally, I'm
daily by leaps.Some of the information on one day more than can fit on a piece, so I can use during the year several diaries.To record the cases of days suggest get a separate diary.A note on the fly better to do, maximizing the usable area.
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