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Tanning at home

Summer is unfortunately over, but many of the fair sex want to be beautiful and even tan all year round.The most common way to achieve the desired result is a solarium and tanning.But do not forget that UV rays are harmful to the skin.An excellent alternative - tanning!

What better use of tanning at home?

Tanning at home: reviews

Women using tanning say mainly positive aspects of cosmetic products.According to them:

  1. Tanning - it is the best way to achieve the desired shade without burns and damage to the skin.It can be applied even to pregnant women, lactating women and people with lots of moles on the skin.
  2. With tanning, you can align the color of skin.For example, if you have dark circles under the eyes or a little pigmentation, he successfully hide these minor defects.
  3. Tanned girls always seem slimmer than whites!

Tanning at home: reviews Tanning at home: reviews

tanning What better used at home?

primarily a means for instant tanning must be chosen according to skin type. blond and red owners of fine pale skin have to buy Self-tanning marked «light» or an inscription "for light skin» better not to choose a cream and light tint mousses, lotions, balms or lotions.

fair-haired girls with peach skin can choose any tanning, are ideal tools marked «medium».

Brunettes with dark skin better to opt for vehicles with a mark «dark» or «for dark skin."

Do not chase the expensive brands, almost all means of self-tanning are the same components, and the price depends only from famous brands.Before you buy something or other means, be sure to take the probe and see how it will look on your skin.Choose those products that provide the most natural result.

What better use of tanning at home? What better use of tanning at home?

  • cream and lotion tanning stable, but they have long absorbed and are not immediate.To achieve a beautiful smooth tone you need several days to repeat the procedure.
  • tanning lotion applied on a cotton swab, and then only on the skin may appear uneven.
  • spray - tanning definitely saves time, it is easy to apply and is shown within 10 minutes.
  • Mousse - tanning quickly absorbed and hydrates the skin.It can be used immediately after the shower.
  • Napkins tanning very useful for correcting existing tan.They can be put in a bag and during the day to quickly put in order the face, hands and chest area.The effect gives an instant, so this type of tanning is not recommended to girls with fair skin.

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What better use of tanning at home? What better use of tanning at home?

How to apply self-tanning at home?

To get smooth and beautiful shade you need to follow some rules.

Before applying tan all over the body, it is necessary to carry out the test.On a small area of ​​skin Apply tool and wait for hours, so you will not only see what emerged shade and if it suits you, but also a means to check the allergic reactions.

necessarily a good scrub clean the body, paying special attention to the skin on the elbows and knees, t. To. Tan manifests itself in these areas more intensively and such a contrast looks unnatural.If you have dry skin, moisturize and nourish it for several days before the procedure, creams or oils.

Before applying, take a shower and thoroughly pat body with a towel, if the skin is not perfectly clean or wet sunburn can occur spots and stains.

Apply tan quickly, but carefully and evenly, trying not to miss a single area of ​​the skin.A few days to try to work out the usual lotions and creams for the body.Remember that most of all tanning stains elbows, knees, neck area and hands, so do not apply to these areas too much money.

What better use of tanning at home? What better use of tanning at home?

Immediately after application wash your hands thoroughly with soap and clean nail brush.

about half an hour or an hour after applying tanning do not wear clothes, t. To. He should have a good soak.Shower can be taken within 3 hours after the procedure, the color is fully manifested through 4:00.Means better applied overnight.

Before tanning apply on the face, clean it thoroughly and tonic.Lubricate the skin smooth and rapid movements from the chin to the temples, and then on the nose, forehead, neck and chest area.Once applied tanning, clean place near the area of ​​hair growth nourishing cream, thanks to this technique an abrupt transition blend will be smooth and natural.To hide dark circles under the eyes, apply the cream on the entire face, except for the area.Thanks to such a reception complexion becomes uniform, and the skin will look refreshed.

In order to maintain the effect of sunburn on the skin longer have to give up at this time of scrubs and hard pads.If you want to get rid of the opposite of boring or failure shades add Scrub the lemon juice and mix thoroughly rub the skin.Or make soda-lemon mask.To do this, you dilute soda water and lemon juice and apply for 10 minutes on the body, and then rinse with water.

Tanning at home: reviews

to maintain a constant tanning effect, spray on the skin every 3-4 days.

Let your skin from time to time take a break from tanning, t. To., In spite of all the advantages, it is still a synthetic agent, and frequent use can cause allergies on sensitive skin.

Tanning at home: a recipe

girls with sensitive and allergy-prone skin may not be appropriate, even such seemingly innocuous means as tanning.Natural ingredients, of course, will not make the skin chocolate or bronze, but it can give a light golden color.Besides natural ingredients not only allow to achieve desired swarthiness but also care for skin.

Tanning at home: a recipe

  • Brew strong (1 teaspoon per 50 ml of boiling water) tea or coffee or cocoa and wipe his face and body several times a day or take a bath with a strong infusion.You can freeze tea and cleaned several times a day with ice cubes face is perfectly tones skin and removes fine lines.Coffee should always be freshly ground.
  • also useful to do face and body masks and scrubs coffee.For this purpose, ground coffee beans, add water or cosmetic oils and apply to the face and body for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water, this mask will not only give the skin tan, and perfectly clean and moisturize the skin.
  • To give light tan color is also used series of teas and chamomile .To do this, take 4 tablespoonschamomile 4 tablespoonsseries, pour 1 liter.water and let it stand for 2 hours.You can take a series of separate, or chamomile.These herbs have anti-inflammatory properties and gets rid of pimples and inflammation.

Tanning at home: a recipe

  • also use rhubarb juice or a decoction of its root .But we should remember that rhubarb has astringent properties and can severely dry skin.To make a decoction of the roots, based on the rate of 1 tablespoonminced raw 1 st.water.
  • Surely everyone knows how wonderful colors onion peel Easter eggs.Why not try to use such a decoction for giving swarthy skin tone?To do this, rinse thoroughly with husks, cover with water and boil it a little.From the fortress it depends on the intensity of the color of broth and vitamins contained in the skin of the onion to be careful to take care of your skin.
  • Fresh walnut leaves also wonderful stained skin.Simply make a strong decoction, and take a bath with him.Already one procedure give the body a light shade, which will be held at least a week, and essential oils and components contained in the leaves, relieve skin allergies and rashes.

Tanning at home: Photo

Tanning at home: Photo

Tanning at home: Photo

Tanning at home: Photo

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Tanning at home - it's a good alternative to natural tanning solarium, or for people who are contraindicated ultraviolet rays.It can be used year-round to maintain tan skin tone.And if you will use for this purpose, natural recipes, and receive a gentle care, nutrition and hydration.

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