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Chops from turkey: cooking.

Turkey has long been considered a useful and dieteticheskoy bird.This can be prepared from it not only serves for the human diet slimming.Some recipes can be used to create the turkey cutlets, schnitzels and, of course, chops.Last dish can even decorate the holiday table.

Chops from turkey: cooking secrets

Chops from the turkey in the oven: how to cook?

Chops from turkey are considered a delicacy.Their taste unusually gentle.In the meat contains a lot of nutrients.Prepare them mostly from the breast of a bird.This is due to the fact that this part of the most gentle.In addition, it allows it to form a flat chops.Make them out of bёdryshek unlikely to succeed.

For prigotolveniya chops can be used as already split breast or whole carcass.In both cases it is necessary to select a high quality bird.Her skin is to be cream-colored with a slight tinge of pink.At this spot on the bird may indicate that it has deteriorated.Inspect the tray if it had sold the split.At the bottom should not be blood.If it is, then thawed turkey.Such meat quality inf

erior to fresh and chilled.

Chop turkey: the recipe

All turkey chops are prepared according to the same principle.First you need to cut the breast.Chops can be cooked only when it will be a fillet.Use the remaining bones to the broth.

resulting turkey breast cut into slices.They should be large enough and not too thick.The latter requirement will make the finished dish tender.Also, the average thickness of the chops will cook.Remember, meat is always cut across the fibers.It depends on what the dish is juicy or dry.

preform fillet discourage.To do this, use the special culinary hammer.To meat fibers are not torn, often put the food on top film.Slugger meat with 2 sides.Then it was salted, sprinkled with spices and cooked in any convenient way.

Chops from the turkey in the oven: how to cook?

This dish is not very rich in calories.So it is quite suitable for those who are sitting on a diet.Make it more festive can, using mushrooms, cheese and vegetables.

Chops from the turkey in the oven: how to cook?


  1. Turkey fillet - 600 g.
  2. tomato - 1 pc.
  3. Bulgarian pepper - 1 pc.
  4. Onions - 1 pc.
  5. Cheese - 100 grams.
  6. mayonnaise, spices, vegetable oil, salt - to taste


  • Cut the fillet steaks.Each piece repel.Season with salt.
  • grease a baking dish with oil.Put it in the chops, turkey and let soak for about 30 minutes.
  • While the meat is marinated, clean vegetables.Tomatoes, onions, peppers cut into thin rings.Mix spices and mayonnaise.Cheese grater rub on average.
  • Return to the form of chops.Put them on the peppers, tomatoes and onions.
  • Each chop coated with mayonnaise.Then put the form in a preheated 190 degree oven for 35-40 minutes.
  • after 30 minutes.chops sprinkled with grated cheese needed.
  • We serve the finished dish hot with mashed potatoes, rice or cooked vegetables.

Chops from turkey: recipe for pan

This dish is interesting in that the output from the chops get a very tasty crust.Also, cook the chops in the pan can be different: just fry the fillets repulsed hammer or use breadcrumbs and batter.In the second case, turn the chops juicy and have a festive look.

Chops from the turkey in the oven: how to cook?


  1. Turkey fillet - 500g.
  2. cheese - 50g.
  3. breadcrumbs, vegetable oil, spices - to taste


  • Take a fresh turkey breast.It should be pale pink.With a knife, we shall cut it into oblong pieces.The length can be arbitrary, and the thickness - 1cm.
  • These pieces otobёm with 2 sides with a hammer.
  • hard cheese varieties rub on a grater and mix with breadcrumbs.
  • In a frying pan, pour vegetable oil and put it on medium heat.As long as it is heated, carefully "dip" in the resulting crumbs mixture on all sides.
  • Omit turkey chops on a hot frying pan.Fry from 2 sides for a minute until golden brown.If necessary, add vegetable oil.
  • Ready chops laid on a paper towel.It is necessary to have a stack of excess fat.After that, We serve the dish to the table.
  • This recipe can be improved and made more sophisticated.The only drawback in this case would be the time prigotolveniya.Unlike last recipe fry chops can be immediately, but only after 12-24 hours. Therefore it is better to start them to do at night.

on improved prescription for the same amount of food is a special marinade.To do this, take the PA1 tspseasoning for chicken, soy sauce, vegetable oil, Provencal herbs.Also, we need 2 cloves garlic, passed through the press.All ingredients were mixed.Then daubed them sliced ​​chops with 2 sides.Then we place the meat in the container.There also pour the remnants of the marinade.The container is capped and a little shaken.Then put it in a cool place for 12 to 24 hours. After the meat is soaked with aromatic spices, fry, his principles outlined above.

Chops from the turkey in the oven: how to cook?

few tips for those who want to cook great steaks turkey:

  • frying meat should be at room temperature and is absolutely dry.This is, firstly, reduce the cooking time.Secondly, if the chops are moist, no crust is formed on the surface.Wet meat simply extinguished.
  • Never try to defrost the turkey under hot water.It is better to put aside her for a day on the coldest shelf of the refrigerator.It is also possible to use cold water.In the liquid container is poured over ice.Then lowered to the turkey.The water change as the thawing meat.
  • Cut meat only a sharp knife.With this fiber fillet is not damaged.The result will come out juicy chops.
  • received after frying meat juices can be used to create a flavorful gravy.The container pour broth or water and bring to a boil (the pan is heated to 180 degrees).Then, in the resulting aromatic liquid must enter the flour.The easiest way to do this with cold butter.Connect both ingredients in equal proportions, then lower the resulting cake in pan.Bring to desired consistency, if necessary, pouring water and stir thoroughly.
  • for frying in a pan, use batter.To do this, take an arbitrary amount of flour and egg.2nd ingredient whisk to form a melange.Pour into flour spices and salt.Put it in the chops, then dip them in the egg.In the end, send the meat on a hot frying pan with oil.Fry for 1 minute on both sides.
  • Chops from turkey without breading is served with different sauces.These may be sweet or sour.For example, it goes well with the bird cranberry sauce.

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Chops from the turkey is very simple, but incredibly tasty dish.Prepare them from poultry fillet.For this purpose it is cut into pieces of random secondary shape.It is important to discourage harvesting chops well on both sides.The meat is then salted and sprinkled with spices and send in a pan or in the oven.For a variety of chops, you can roll in breadcrumbs or dipped in batter.

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