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Sokovarka: how to use?

modern appliance manufacturers offer to our choice of many types of equipment, greatly facilitates the work on the house.For sokovarki allow large quantities to prepare for the winter natural drinks from fruits and vegetables.This technique is interesting because it is easy to operate.And the cooking juices it does not take much time.

Sokovarka: reviews and uses

Sokovarka: how to use?

Sokovarka on the basis of its action resembles a steamer.Most often, the device is produced in the form of containers having 3 compartments.Below is a wide bowl is not very high.Above the capacity to put the resulting juice.From it departs "tap" for removing juice It can be made of silicone or a rubber hose.The most recent - a colander.Vegetables and fruits are placed on him.

First you need to determine in which case you should buy sokovarku.This is due to the fact that the purpose of the preparation of juices and juice extractor can be used.You definitely need to choose sokovarku if you have a large family.Juicer, of course, allows t

o prepare a beverage in some cases for several minutes.But it happens that its volume is limited.This release sokovarki even to the extent of 8-10 liters.

Another interesting feature sokovarki is that it allows you to drink for winter harvesting.Juice fresh produce at the output, which is better to just have a drink.For harvesting the winter it will have more boil.Thus in such a beverage will always contain pulp.Sokovarka works on a completely different principle.As a result, you get pure concentrated extract without any inclusions.Sokovarka saves time.To create a blank winter just pour a drink for sterile jars.The only negative with such juice is that it is less vitamins than freshly.

sokovarki Pros:

  1. Easy care - juicers are composed of many parts.Therefore, they are inconvenient to wash.Sokovarku you can simply rinse.Due to its simple design, it also lasts longer on the farm.
  2. quality juice - drink made in sokovarke less oxidized.It does not need to drink immediately.
  3. Use of waste - juicer turns raw materials into the cake.Then use it somewhere else problematic.Remains of apples or berries used to make juice sokovarke, can be put into cakes.

How to cook the juice in sokovarke?

Sokovarka: how to use?

with the process of juicing handle even the novice cook.First you need to prepare the vegetables, berries and fruit.Plus sokovarki is that it allows you to cook even the juice of quince.It is necessary to wash the product, remove, if any, seeds, stalk.Also be sure to cut off the rotten or spoiled places.Fruits and vegetables spread to the upper part, a colander.The lowermost wide bowl pour the water.It should take about 2/3 of the total volume.Then, all parts are installed inside sokovarki.After that we go to the immediate preparation.You can either put sokovarku on the stove or turn the unit to the mains.

Works sokovarka follows.At the bottom of the device in the cup upon heating begins to form water vapor.He rises and goes through the pieces of fruit or berries.Then he "falls" place with juice in the middle container.So over the time it begins to fill the concentrated liquid.Cooking time depends on the amount and type of unit raw material for juice.After completion of the separation of juice can only drain it.To do this, use the built-in the middle part of sokovarki hose.

As you can see, to cook the juice, is really very simple.It should be remembered that, for trouble-free cooking should be very attentive to the choice of instrument.

Material - sokovarki made from aluminum and stainless steel.Each of them has its advantages.For example, aluminum is light weight sokovarka.At the same time such a device should not be placed on the induction cooker.Stainless steel is more versatile.Moreover, it is easily washed.Despite the fact that aluminum cookware cheaper steel is still longer in the kitchen.So if you plan to cook a lot, you should choose sokovarku stainless steel.

Details sokovarki - it is important to pay attention to the fit of the cap.It is better if it is rubberized bottom.Since steam does not come out.The cover may be made of glass.This will help you to periodically monitor the status of products.Hose to drain the juice can be a rubber or silicone.The second variant is preferable from the viewpoint of strength.

sokovarok view - they can be used for cooking on the stove.Dr.view sokovarok - electric.For juicing just need to turn the unit into a wall outlet.This sokovarka perfect for summer.

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sokovarke juice in the winter: a method of preparing

Sokovarka: how to use?

  • To prepare apple juice, take any number of sweet apples.Sour fruit is better not to choose.This juice will have a distinctive flavor, which can cause stomach problems.My apples, cut into wedges and remove the seeds.We put them on top of the sokovarki with holes.We spread them as long as they do not fill almost the entire volume of the device.In a bowl add the water near the bottom of 2-2.5 liters.If you want to make sweet juice, then sprinkle with chopped apples 70 gr.sugar.
  • Close the pressure cooker lid.We put it on the stove for about 1 hour. If the apples were durum, the cooking time increases.You can boil the willingness of their softness.At the end of the required time to make juice beverage merge through a hose into clean sterilized jars.For preparations for the winter immediately roll up soak in boiling water with iron covers.
  • For preparation of grape juice take any grape.My it under running tap water, remove the faded parts.We separate the berries from the brush and placed in the upper bowl.Grapes must be as up to the top left side of 5 cm. Fall asleep on top of about 70 grams.sugar.If you choose to sort Isabella, the amount of sugar can be doubled.The lower bowl pour about 3 liters.Water.Sokovarku close the lid and set on fire.
  • Please be liquid in the appliance to boiling and diminish it.Evaporate the juice for 40 minutes.Then the already known method is poured into jars and close.If a lot of grapes, you can do differently.The same quantity of product is not boiled 40 min., And 3 hours. All this time, gently pour water as its evaporation.It is also necessary to periodically fill the upper bowl of berries.At the end we turn off the fire and give the berries stand for another 30 minutes.Then poured the juice into jars and close.

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Sokovarka - a very convenient device.It helps to effortlessly prepare a lot of juice for the winter.The raw material is placed into the upper bowl and the water poured into the bottom.The device is then put on fire and include network.The water boils, steam rises, that rises to the top.As a result, it helps to highlight the juice.The fluid accumulates in the middle of the tank.Then it is drained through a hose into cans.